Once Upon a Fashion

Growing up in a home with a mom who’s a seamstress and costume designer, I have always had an appreciation for fashion. On a show like Once Upon a Time, it’s hard not to be enchanted by the wardrobe the characters wear. True to the fairytale nature of the show, each character has their own unique and magical style. Kudos to their costume designer, Eduardo Castro, who has recently been nominated for the Costume Designer Guild for his work on the show. Without further ado, here are my favorite costumes of most of the main characters ranging from season 1 to season 6:

Emma Swan:Image result for emma swan red ball dressI feel like this dress is iconic to Emma’s wardrobe. This was the first time fans saw Emma in a princess dress. Not only do I love the red, but the shape of the dress. It’s simple yet elegant with what appears to be a silk fabric and gems around the neck line. With the addition to her headband, this costume is one of my favorites on the show.

Regina Mills/ The Evil Queen:Choosing my favorite Regina costume was hard because all of her Evil Queen costumes are just marvelous. They have so much detail and uniqueness to them. However, I do love this one the most. I love the long but short robe with the high collar and the leather pants. Then the neckline is bejeweled and accompanied with a chocker. Also, red always makes a costume look fierce and this is no different.

Killian Jones/Captain Hook:Hook could wear a paper bag and still look good. While he does not have many costumes on the show, I am impressed by the details of each thing he wears. It’s so true to his pirate nature. Once again, the red vest is what makes this costume pop. Even his pirate coat has red lining. And look at all those buttons! His costumes are elaborate and perfect for Captain Hook.

Mary Margaret/Snow White:It was the pilot episode in which we saw Snow White in her wedding gown. I love the bottom and how it’s all feathers. Even the neckline has feathers. Add the gloves to the mix and this costume is the envy of every woman getting married. Seriously, can this be my wedding gown when the time comes?

Zelena/ Wicked Witch of the West:Zelena is usually wearing green because she is the Wicked Witch of the West. She’s had some fun costumes over the seasons, but I just love this one. It’s pretty simple for her, but that hat is my favorite aspect of this outfit. I love the feather sticking from it, and of course the furriness that is emerging from her coat (which I would totally wear on campus).

Belle:I remember seeing this costume and thinking ‘where would this be acceptable to wear?’ The answer was nowhere. But it is the perfect outfit for the Enchanted Forest. I love everything about this costume: the tights, the shorts, the suit jacket, the ruffles and the vest. I’m not a fan of the color brown, but it makes sense for this outfit. It just looks so old fashioned and it’s absolutely stunning!

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