“Famous in Love” Episode 1 Recap

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The first episode of Freeform’s newest series, “Famous in Love,” aired tonight. While the entire first season is now available to binge on multiple digital platforms, including the Freeform app, Freeform.com, On Demand and Hulu, TNWU will recap each episode as the show airs weekly.

Since this was just the pilot episode, let’s set the stage and meet our main characters, shall we? 

Paige Townsen (Bella Thorne): When we meet Paige in the beginning of the episode, she is flying on a private jet and being met by paparazzi as she exits the airport. It’s clear this is happening after Paige has become a big star. But since viewers know nothing about her journey, up to this point, the series jumps back in time to fill viewers in on how Paige got here.

One year earlier, Paige is a young, unknown, college student who struggles to make ends meet while working toward a business degree. Her best friend, Cassie, encourages her to audition for the movie adaptation of the wildly popular book series, “Locked.” Paige gets a callback and ultimately lands the role.

Throughout the episode, we learn about two possible romances for Paige. On the one hand, she debates whether or not she has feelings for her best friend and roommate, Jack Salt; she is hesitant to act on her emotions because he’s “the best guy friend” she has ever had and she does not want to mess things up. On the other hand, she’s attracted to Rainer Devon, her co-star, from the moment she meets him; she knows the two will closely work together as the leads of the movie and does not want to wreck her big break. She shares a kiss with Jack and it looks like they could start a relationship, while it seems clear her attraction to Rainer is going nowhere.

The episode ends with her going to a party Rainer invited her to, accompanied by Jack and Cassie. The three of them are met by paparazzi, who don’t realize Paige is the upcoming “it” girl they are looking to take pictures of.

Rainer Devon (Carter Jenkins): The first time we meet Rainer Devon he’s making out with a naked girl on his couch until the two are interrupted by Nina, his mother and manager. He comes off as the definition of a playboy. We also learn Rainer has a lot of animosity towards his ex-best friend Jordan. According to the Hollywood rumor mill, Jordan slept with Rainer’s ex-girlfriend, Tangey, while the two of them were still together. Now Rainer no longer speaks to either one of them.

That seems to be behind him as Paige enters his life. He’s has been intrigued by Paige ever since he saw her through the window after her initial audition. They meet for the first time at her callback, when he is brought in to do a chemistry test with her; his curiosity turns into an instant connection with her. After the test, Rainer goes after Paige to tell her he thought she was great and ask if she wants to hang out, clearly wanting to see if there is the possibility for something more. Later that same night, he personally calls her to tell her she got the role.

We don’t learn a whole lot about the rest of the characters in this episode but here is what we do know:

Jordan Wilder (Keith Powers): Jordan is Rainer’s ex-best friend and possible co-star in the “Locked” movie. Even though they are no longer friends, it seems most of the anger is not coming from Jordan’s side. He seems upset by the rift between him and Rainer, yet doesn’t want to be the first to apologize. At the end of the episode, we learn a big secret that could prevent Jordan and Rainer from mending their friendship: he’s hooking up with Rainer’s mom, Nina.

Cassie Perkins (Georgie Flores): Cassie is Paige’s roommate and best friend. She is the one who begs Paige to come with her to the audition for the “Locked” movie in the first place. Viewers get an inkling that Cassie has a secret after she runs into some man named “Brody” who tells her she can bring her friend to their next meeting. But we don’t learn what Paige is keeping hush-hush.

Jack Salt (Charlie DePew): Jack is Paige’s other best friend/roommate. He is an aspiring screenwriter pitching his first screenplay. He has a thing for Paige and the two of them share a kiss.

Nina Devon (Perry Reeves): Nina is the main producer on the “Locked” movie. She’s not above manipulating people, such as Hollywood’s top gossip columnist, Barrett Hopper, into getting what she wants and how she wants it. She’s sleeping with her son’s ex-best friend, Jordan.

Alexis Glenn (Niki Koss): Alexis is an old friend of Rainer who is competing for the main female role in “Locked,” the one Paige ultimately snags. Therefore, Paige becomes her number one enemy. At the end of the episode, we learn she has a secret: she’s into women.

And, just like that, we’ve set the stage for the next nine episodes of “Famous in Love.” To say I am already a huge fan of this show would be an understatement. What did you guys think about the first episode? Check back here next Tuesday for a recap of episode two!

“Famous in Love” airs Tuesdays on Freefrom at 8/7 c

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