She’s Got the Power! TNWU Exclusive! Ten Questions with Power Rangers’ Fiona Vroom


Fiona Vroom has an impressive list of credits under her belt – roles in motion pictures such as Star Trek Beyond and Big Eyes. She has had roles in many of our favorite TV shows, including Bates Motel, Van Helsing, iZombie, The Man in the High Castle, Dirk Gently and the Star Trek web series, Star Trek Continues. In addition, Fiona has created her own award winning web series, The True Heroines, a 1951 period piece about “average housewives” with “special abilities” battling an evil corporation, and has developed a love for the ukulele. The Canadian actress can currently be seen in the major motion picture reboot of the beloved television classic, Power Rangers.

Tell us about your part in Power Rangers?

Without saying too much, it was an awesome to work on. The people at Lionsgate were amazing. I have a part with Elizabeth Banks (Rita Repulsa), the lead villain, and I may or may not help her get some materials to help her grow in strength. It was a very fun part to play.

Were you a big Power Rangers fan as a kid?

Yeah, the show was on in my house growing up. I have a younger sister who was probably more into it than I was. I kind of watched from the sidelines, pretending not to be really into it.

Is your sister impressed now that you’re actually in a Power Rangers film?

Sure is!

How did you get into acting?

I actually started off as a dancer. I grew up doing ballet, my whole life. It was from being onstage and learning how passionate I was about storytelling, and then I started to sing at the age of 13 so I got really involved with musical theater. I was obsessed with everything musical theater. I studied, and studied more. I went to the Canadian College of Performing Arts. I saw the show Rent on Broadway. I think that was a deal maker, a moment in my life when I decided, that’s what I want to do. Those performances, they shook my core. It changed me and I was extremely moved and I realized that’s what I wanted to do, tell stories that moved people.

Do you pursue any other performing arts?

Yes, I totally do. I just recently took up the ukulele, and I’m totally obsessed with that. I come from a musical and artist family. My mom is actually an amazing artist, she’s a painter and a musician, she plays the piano, guitar and the fiddle. I love being around anything creative. It really gets me going.

I see next up on your resume is a new series in pre-production, Altered Carbon. What can you tell us about the show?

I can’t say much. It’s based on a science fiction novel by Richard Morgan called Altered Carbon. It’s a futuristic world, set in the 26th century, so 500 years in the future. There are wars going on and that’s about all I can say.

You’ve done a lot of shows that could be considered genre like Man in the High Castle, Dirk Gently, Van Helsing, Bates Motel amongst others. Is this by choice or does it just seem to turn out that way?

It totally seems to turn out that way. I live in Vancouver and we have a big sci fi/genre that shoots up here, probably because of the weather. It’s dark and gloomy for six months out of the year.

Do you have a favorite part that you have played?

I was executive producer of a webseries called the True Heroines, which was nominated for a couple of Canadian awards, including Best Original Series in Digital Media Category in the 2014 Canadian Screen Awards. I’m very proud of it. It’s about 1950’s housewives with “special abilities” who go out and investigate and fight crime, the evil corporation, and still get back in time to lay out a full dinner for their husbands and kids. Their husbands have no idea what they can do. It was a wonderful experience. We first performed as a cabaret stage play, then turned into a webseries in 2013. I also play Pearl, one of the leading characters as well. I received two Leo Award nominations and the win in the category Best Web Series in 2014 and a Canadian Screen Award nomination at the 2014 Gemini Awards.

What would you like to do more of?

More musical theater, of course.

Last question: do you have any hobbies that would be considered nerdy?

Well, I think the ukulele is pretty nerdy, don’t you? (laughs).

Fiona is also physically active and is a certified yoga instructor, loves golf, horseback riding, sailing, and snowboarding. She is gracious, exuberant and passionate about her work. She is glad to see more musical theater on film, especially original productions like La La Land, which she says is in the cabaret style that she so loves. You can check out the funny, yet socially piercing The True Heroines on YouTube, follow her growing prowess on the ukulele on Instagram, and of course, go see her (did I mention she is also very beautiful?) in her top secret role in Power Rangers, in theaters now!

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