“Famous in Love” Episode 4 Recap

Calling your name in the midnight hour
Reaching for you from the endless dream
So many miles between us now
But you are always here with me

It’s Paige’s first day of shooting! But besides the nerves getting to her, Paige is also angry with Jake for still ignoring her calls and for not coming home to face the music. On top of that, Cassie is blowing off visiting her on set because she has a “biology exam” (I think we all know what that actually is code for).

Jordan and Rainer are back to being bros again, as evident by Jordan picking Rainer up to drive him to set, a tradition they have for the first day of a new shoot. They also briefly discuss Rainer’s affinity for Paige and how he wants “maximum off-screen time” with her.

The first person to greet Paige at the studio is her set PA, Adam. He shows her around as she tries to take it all in. Once she realizes how big of a production “Locked” actually is, she freaks out as per usual.

Tangey is working in the recording studio when Jordan pays her a visit. He wants to apologize for ignoring her phone calls recently. He also is there to tell her that even though he enjoyed their night in Chicago, it can’t happen again because his friendship with Rainer finally back on track. This upsets Tangey, as she seems to clearly have felt something for Jordan when they got together.

Back with Paige, we see her getting ready in hair and makeup for her first scene of the movie when none other than Rainer walks in and sits down next to her. He gives her a gift he got her, a gold necklace with a “P” on it, and tells her that she can wear it on their first date. “That’s me asking you out,” he says with that irresistible smirk on his face. Cue me squealing and letting my inner fangirl fly; the way he says it with such an irresistible mix of cockiness and sincerity would have made me melt. Paige, on the other hand, isn’t falling for it like I would have. She gives him the necklace back, turning down his date offer as well. As Paige leaves for set, Rainer is left to ponder why he got turned down.

On set, Paige quickly makes her first rookie mistake: she did not check to see if there is a new call sheet. As a result, she is not prepared for her first scene of the day and quickly tries learn it on the spot. But that doesn’t work out so well. The director is upset with her and calls her out in front of the entire crew for her mistake.

Back in the recording studio, Tangey feels confined by the type of music she’s doing. She’s been working on some new music and wants to do it on Conan. However, Ida shoots her suggestion down, telling her now is not the time to shake things up.

Paige calls Cassie, freaking out about her mistake on set. Cassie tells her she is at the library studying when in reality she’s working at her newest client’s house. She also tells Cassie about Rainer and that the reason she turned him down is because she got “the necklace.” According to Hollywood gossip, Rainer’s signature move is to give the girl he’s interested in a necklace with their initial on it and she didn’t want to be the “next letter in line.” Paige seems to get a little bit suspicious of Cassie when she hears someone yell “Lacey,” the name Cassie goes by at her secret job, in the background. But Cassie just blows it off. How long is Cassie planning to keep this “double life” a secret from her friends? It seems like she’s not going to be able to for much longer.

Tangey and Rainer run into each other and well … it’s a little awkward. Rainer wants to move past everything and try to be friends. Tangey is pissed because Rainer didn’t think about what him reconciling his friendship with Jordan meant for her and Jordan’s relationship. After that encounter, Tangey runs into Jordan on the lot and spills what’s on her mind regarding her music. He thinks that she should do the new music and not listen to what her mom has to say. “It’s your life, Tangey. Not hers. Do it your way,” he says.

Paige gets ready to shoot her next scene and makes her director mad again. This time? She’s not comfortable acting with a pole that will eventually be a character after it is edited in with CGI. He tells her that if she’s not ready tomorrow, she’s going to be fired from the movie.

Back in what I’m dubbing “bro-land,” Jordan and Rainer are having a heart-to-heart about why Paige turned Rainer down. Jordan laying it out for him, both about the gift and the speed of their relationship, seems to make Rainer realize that he went about things the wrong way.

Later that night, Cassie and Paige talk about what went down during Paige’s first day of shooting. Paige is still freaking out about how she performed, saying that the thing with Jake and Alexis isn’t helping her stay focused and be prepared. Switching to the topic of Rainer, Paige tells Cassie he’s a player and she isn’t going to let him use her.

The next day on set, Rainer finds Jordan for more advice. Is it just me, or does anyone else love these “bro-land” scenes as much as I do? Anyway, Jordan tells him to take a moment with Paige before they shoot to tell her that he’s sorry and that he wants to put things with them on hold for the moment being. Rainer flips the script on Jordan and tells him that he’s cool if Jordan wants to pursue something with Tangey.

Cassie comes to visit Paige on set and Adam shows her to Paige’s trailer. There is some flirting going on so maybe something will happen between the two of them. Time will tell.

Paige runs into Rainer on their way to hair and makeup for their scene. Before they get there, he tells her he is sorry and that he was not aware that the letter necklace was even his signature thing. He’s clearly nervous, though, as he can barely get his words out, and it is obvious that this is new to him. Rainer asks her if he can have another chance, but Paige respectfully turns him down again and tells him that they can go out after the movie has wrapped. They agree to just be co-stars and friends for the time being. But as they finish talking, they embrace in a hug, which oozes so much chemistry and shows that there are deep feelings on both sides of this relationship. If y’all want to know why I ship these two so hard, here is reason number 57,957.

Cassie, who left the set in a hurry after she got a call about needing to finish paying her tuition the next day, goes to a pawn shop to sell the fancy bracelet Paige gave her earlier in the episode. In another part of LA, Tangey performs on Conan. But, she disobeys her mother and follows the advice Jordan gave her. Her new music has a country vibe, something very different from her previous pop stylings. The song she performs is also clearly about her night with Jordan, cleverly titled “The Morning After.” Her mom is upset and tells her to end her “experiment,” but Tangey sticks up for herself and fires her mom as her manager.

In her last scene of the night with Rainer, Paige finally delivers a flawless performance, reminding Wyatt what he saw from her in the audition. However, the scene includes a kiss between Rainer and Paige; when the director yells “Cut!” it takes a few moments for the two of them to break away. Rainer doesn’t say anything after the kiss and just walks away with a smirk on his face. Cassie tells Paige afterward that even Meryl Streep couldn’t have made that kiss feel more real and tells her to follow this thing with Rainer.

When Paige is leaving set, Rainer finds her to compliment her on her acting in that last scene.  Not taking no for an answer, he asks her out for a drink. She turns him down YET AGAIN and walks away. The look on Rainer’s face as she walks away was one of determination, that says he’s not going to give up on Paige no matter how many times she turns them down. These two, y’all. They are going to be one special couple. I can feel it.

Well, that’s it for episode four! Check back here next Tuesday to see what happens in episode five!

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