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On October Road, Rebecca Field played Janet Meadows, the local bartender who was in an on-again-off-again relationship with heartthrob Eddie Latekka (played by Geoff Stults). The cast and creatives behind the show recently reunited at ATX Television Festival to celebrate the ten year anniversary of the show’s premiere. Rebecca sat down with Talk Nerdy to discuss what it was like to reunite with her October Road castmates ten years later, how she related to her character, Janet, and what some of her favorite shows are.

What was it like to be here today for the October Road panel?

It was really special. This is our little show that could — we always felt like we were the “Little Engine That Could.” It was a lightning in a bottle, special experience shooting October Road together. So getting to celebrate it, ten years later, together, here…it just felt really spectacular to be here together.

Had you, prior to today, watched any episodes recently or was that the first time?

I hadn’t. That was the first time. It was so funny because last night we all got together and one of our executive producers/creators Josh [Applebaum] was saying, “You know. I was actually shocked at how well it held up.” He’s like, “I didn’t think some of our cheesy dialogue [would].” The acting held up, it was beautifully shot and yeah. So I was really shocked, too, to see it. It was a really good show.

Obviously only part of the cast was in attendance today, but are all of you still close? Do you guys all still keep in touch?

Absolutely. Laura [Prepon] is probably my best friend in the world and she’s got a lot of stuff going on with work and life right now, so she wasn’t able to make it. Evan [Jones], I talk to him all the time. He’s working on something with Seth MacFarlane right now. Lindy [Booth] is working on The Librarians. So everyone that couldn’t come, it was just because they were busy, honestly.

Janet was a character that we don’t, unfortunately, see a whole lot of on television today. In what ways did you relate to her, if any?

I mean, in every way. I’d love to give all credit and say we’re just all good actors and if you like the show it’s because of my amazing acting ability. [laughs] But it was really just a testament to getting to show a vulnerable piece of ourselves and it had everything to do with who I was. I didn’t get to date the hot guy in real life, but all those feelings I had, emotions and insecurities, and wanting desperately to be liked and thought of in that way were all so, true so I could relate to Janet on so many levels.

Going off of Geoff Stults and his character Eddie…you guys obviously had great chemistry and a lot of fans loved that relationship. What were some of your most memorable moments of that relationship and what do you think Janet and Eddie would be up to today?

I think the most memorable parts were getting to fumble through it together. Eddie trying his best because he was really interested in Janet as a human being and attracted to her as well. But just making mistakes along the way and the fact that they could fumble through that together. Because Janet had a load of insecurities on her own that just got in the way of her being able to get of her way and let it happen. In real life, we all just had so much fun doing it together. But I think Janet and Eddie today would, hopefully, be together still, and have a couple of kids, and just be ruling Knight’s Ridge with their cohorts, still having tons of fun.

Obviously we’re here at ATX celebrating the world of television. What are some of your favorite all-time television shows?

There are so many. That’s the thing nowadays, there is just so much good television. I just got to do a small part in Twin Peaks. I love Twin Peaks and I’m so excited about the reboot. I love Bloodline. I just finished season three, the finale, and I love that shows. [pauses] Gosh, I don’t know. There is just so many good shows. I loved Breaking Bad. I love The Path on Hulu. There’s just so much great television now that it’s hard to get around to watching it all, but you’re never at a loss for something to find or to start a new series.

Our website is called Talk Nerdy With Us so what do you “nerd out” over?

That’s a great question. I don’t know if this is “nerding out” because it’s not in the typical sense. But I totally nerd out over Drew Barrymore. Since I was a little kid, I love everything about Drew Barrymore. I used to look like her when we were around the same age, three or four, and then when she did Firestarter and I nerd out about everything regarding her. I don’t care if she was reading the phone book. I would watch it, and buy the DVD, and watch it 78 million times until I had it all memorized. I just love her.

So you would go see anything she’s in no matter what?

Anything she does, no matter what. If she was in, like, a dog food commercial, I would watch it over and over again until I knew every inch of it. I’m obsessed with her in a healthy way.

Photo by Michelle Maurin

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