Exclusive Interviews with The Carmilla Movie’s Elise Bauman & Natasha Negovanlis


The cast and crew of the global phenomenon that is Carmilla are back this month with The Carmilla Movie. The story picks up five years after the near end of the world at Silas University. Laura Hollis, played by Elise Bauman, and Carmilla Karnstein, portrayed by Natash Negovanlis, are now both living human existences in downtown Toronto. The pair are going years strong and are blissfully content with their domestic life together when both Carmilla and Laura shows signs of supernatural complications.

Though the details of the story have been kept close to the cast and crew, the official trailer was debuted at Canada’s FanExpo last month. At this years New York Comic-Con, Elise and Natasha were featured speakers, promoting The Carmilla Movie, premiering on October 26th. We were able to sit down and speak with the Carmilla stars about their characters journeys, what five years has changed, and the impact the series has made on the LGBTQ community.

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