4 Things to Look Forward to in the Chicago P.D. Fall Finale

Chicago P.D. has stepped its game up in season five. Through the season’s first eight episodes, we’ve seen them push the theme of “reform” as well as the Intelligence Unit testing the “us against the world” mentality that loomed over them for the first four seasons. The highly anticipated ninth episode, “Monster,” which airs this Wednesday, December 6, will be the last episode before the winter hiatus and the show’s return on January 3rd.

As with most mid-season finales, things are kept tightly under wraps; the only thing that usually gets released is a vague episode description and promo. Most people on Twitter seem to agree the teaser for this particular episode is a fake-out. The promo contains a bunch of clips from past episodes edited together. So, if this promo really doesn’t show any new scenes we’re left with a lot of questions about what exactly will go down in the fall finale.

Having previewed the episode, your fellow One Chicago lovers at TNWU want to make sure you are adequately prepared for a rather eventful hour of television, without spoiling anything. Here are some things to look forward to in Wednesday’s season five fall finale:

Adam Ruzek

Since 5×06, Chicago P.D. has been building on the unexpected reveal that Ruzek is the one ratting out the Intelligence Unit’s every move to Denny Woods. After 5×08, in which we unofficially learned he did, in fact, turn in the video of Jay’s bar fight to Denny, viewers know it’s just a matter of time before Ruzek’s affiliation with Denny is revealed and he’s punished, at least by Voight, for turning his back on the unit.

While I can’t say anything about Ruzek’s situation, I will say this: we get to see what is, in my opinion, Patrick Flueger’s best acting and, by far, Ruzek’s best scene of the entire series. It’s worth all of the emotions you’re going to feel in that moment.

Jay Halstead

Anabelle Acosta makes her second appearance which can only mean one thing: Jay is still lying to her and he’s still in his dark place. The continuation of Jay’s storyline from 5×07 might not be the focus of “Monster,” but it further proves that Jay needs help and a love interest is not an effective way for a character to cope.

The Case

The Intelligence Unit is trying to figure out who was behind the narcotics-induced homicide of Judge Tommy Wells’ daughter, with hopes it will lead to the person behind the pill mill spreading into the suburbs of Chicago. It’s a solid case, that’s not too hard to follow, and it does a good job of continuing to tell stories with a charged subject matter. There is, however, a twist at the end that I did not see coming.


The last five minutes is, by far, the most important part of the episode. It features a pair we haven’t seen together in quite some time. It’s got a nostalgic feel to it, but it’s also a little disconcerting. Just be prepared to get all up in your feels and continue thinking about those crucial minutes until the show comes back in January.

Chicago P.D. airs Wednesday nights at 10/9c on NBC.

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