Exclusive interview w/ Future Man’s Kevin Caliber

You may not know him yet but, given his guts, good looks, talent and tenacity, it’s just a matter of time before Kevin Caliber gains your notice. To say he took an unconventional road to Hollywood would be a huge understatement. He had an established life and career outside of Tinsel Town, but gave it all away to pursue his dream. Not only is he not letting anything stand in his way, he’s capitalizing on his past experiences and creating new opportunities. You can watch him now in Hulu’s Future Man and Tyler Perry’s The Haves and Have Nots on OWN. But first, read more about this inspiring man. You may just find yourself taking a closer look at your own dreams.

Kevin, I read your bio and you are the very definition of a renaissance man: bass player, singer, Marine veteran, former engineer, actor, fitness model, marathon runner, romance novel cover boy, competitive weight lifter, philanthropist and stuntman. I mean—whew!— color me impressed! Did I forget anything—break dancing, or a secret weird talent, perhaps? And what about those Cocktail skills in Future Man

Wow, thank you! When you list it all off like that it does seem a bit much. I am a bit of a “jack of all trades” and master of very few. The only thing I would add is craftsmen- I love to build with my hands. I actually built a bar in my basement back in Missouri and played the role of bartender at many parties!

As I understand it you joined the Marines right out of high school and then became an engineer. First and foremost, thank you for your service, second, what inspired you to make a complete career change and tackle acting?  Was it scary to make that transition?  I think a lot of people will be encouraged that you took that kind of leap. 

I was actually a year out of high school and working construction when 9/11 happened. I was in boot camp 5 weeks later serving my patriotic duty. After the Marine Corps, I played music while going to college and working off jobs. I landed at civil engineering and just wasn’t that fulfilled. I had what I thought was the “American Dream” with the house, good job, and nice car, but something was missing. Everybody thought I was joking or crazy when I told them I was quitting my job, selling my house, and nearly everything I owned, to make the move to LA. I was always different and I think that if I would have stayed, I would never have felt fulfilled. I may have to go back to a 9-5 job some day but it’s not going to be anytime soon because I am having way too much fun doing what I’m doing!! At the end of the day you are the one that has to look at yourself in the mirror and decide if you are happy. If you are not, then you have to not be afraid to take a risk to find that happiness! People may doubt you and tell you that you are making a mistake, but you are the only one who has the final say in your decisions.

How has your experience as a Marine informed your work as an actor, both emotionally and practically? Have any of your special skills from serving carried over into your roles or work as a stuntman?

Military and the film industry have more in common than people realize. The saying, “hurry up and wait,” is the motto of both. We also train year round for theoretical situations that may never happen. I got my start on sets working as a background player in big productions because I am a veteran. They would much rather hire military vets than try to teach actors the proper way to hold a weapon. The weapons and hand-to-hand combat training is all applicable to film as well. My goal is to be in action movies and I would love to get the opportunity to do a military film, so I will be using every skill I was taught in the Marine Corps.

On Hulu’s Future Man you play Blaze, an affable and all too willing to do anything sidekick to Wolf, a futuristic, time-traveling soldier who leaps into reality from a video game and finds his true self in the 80’s. (And yeah, that’s a sentence I’ll never again say in life.) Was your experience on the show as fun and absurd as my summary

[Laughing] Yes it was every bit as absurd as it sounds. The writers did not hold anything back and with every script we read, it just pushed it further and further. On set, we would try different things each take to bring out as much crazy as we could.

You also have a recurring role in season 5 of Tyler Perry’s The Have and Have Nots, which starts January 9th. What can you tell us about your part in the show?

On HAHN, I play a security guard tough guy who is in charge of keeping the rich kid with a bad attitude, Wyatt Cryer, out of trouble. It is about as far apart of a role from Blaze as I could imagine. Working with Tyler Perry in Atlanta, GA was an amazing experience that I will never forget, that was far from the typical “Hollywood” style I was use to.

Looking at your filmography, 2018 looks to be a busy year for you. Care to tell us about some of your upcoming projects?

2018 is certainly going to be the biggest one yet. The big one I am most excited about is a series titled Ronan that everybody should keep an eye out for. I have several projects debuting at film festivals all over the country including Ugly Sweater Party, directed by Aaron Mento, and The Campus, directed by Jason Horton. I have also started the production company “Digital Myth” with my long time producing partner, Dave Beaudrie, and we have short films: The Deal, Game Night, and Self-Tape all completed. We are working towards our first feature film.

What is on your actor’s dream list, it can be a certain type of character, genre, show, franchise?

I have several movie roles I would love to play. I mentioned earlier that a military film is on that list. Something character driven like Saving Private Ryan or Band of Brothers would be epic. My first love is sports, so a sports film is a must–I keep in shape for a reason. [laughs] I would also love to have the opportunity to play a Rat Pack type character–whether it’s Sinatra or a completely fictional new character. And since remakes are all the rage these days, I am ready to take over for any Arnold Schwarzenegger role–Commando, Terminator, True Lies, Running Man–doesn’t matter, I’ll be ready!!

Fitness is obviously a huge part of your life. Has it always been that way and have you considered posting workouts or fitness videos to your Instagram or YouTube to inspire others who’d like to achieve what you have?

I have always been into sports and when I was young, I was on the chubby side and did not like the way I felt. I begged my dad for a weight set and he got me one I still use to this day, over 20 years later. I remember when I was working a 9-5 and when I went to the gym after, I would always wish it was part of my job and now it is. I have been very fortunate to work with some of the biggest fitness companies in the world. I have been asked several times what I do and if I’d like to share some tips. So I think I will make that part of my New Year’s Resolution for 2018, to share some of my insight! So please follow me at @Kevincaliber on all the platforms and my website for all the latest news as well as tips.

Lastly, will you share something you totally geek out over with our Talk Nerdy With Us readers?  

I have always been into wrestling. Me and a close group of grown ass men sit around and watch all the big wrestling shows. [Laughing] And of course, I love anything comic related. I have a thing for Superman, as most guys do–but I have a real special place in my heart ever since I got to wear the suit for the opening of Supergirl–a real Hollywood OMG moment right there!!

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