Don’t Miss Out on WonderCon 2018: Grab Your Badges Now!

San Diego Comic-Con occurs every July in sunny San Diego, but it’s NOT the only Comic-Con International convention you can attend.

There is the sister con called WonderCon that occurs in March in Anaheim and/or Los Angeles, California. This year’s WonderCon is happening March 23-25, 2018.

As we all know, obtaining badges for SDCC are extremely hard and requires a lot of luck and patience, but unlike SDCC, WonderCon badges do not sell out in a matter of an hour nor are they so hard to get. All you have to do is go online and purchase a badge. See, less stress already!

WonderCon puts on a great show as much as SDCC does with talented comic book artists and many of your pop culture favorites attending the event. And yes, you can cosplay all you want!

WonderCon is a great experience, especially if you haven’t been able to attend SDCC or if you have and are looking for something that isn’t TOO huge.

Here’s how to purchase your badges now:

1. Log-in to your Comic-Con Member ID account

2. Select the tab that says “Registration Info”

3. Click on Purchase Badges

Just a reminder, WonderCon 2018 badges won’t be sold on-site at the Anaheim Convention Center. So make sure you go ahead and buy them! If you purchase your WonderCon badges before February 20th, 2018, your badge(s) will be mailed to you in advance. Otherwise, you will just pick them up during the con.

Don’t have a Comic-Con Member ID? You can make one right here. For more information about badge sales, click here.

You can learn more about WonderCon in general by visiting the website or by following the con on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram.

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