Exclusive Interview with “Jessica Jones” star Krysten Ritter


“Drinking more, fighting more, more meaningless cases and meaningless sex.”

Within the first 10 minutes of Season 2, Trish perfectly sums up where we start with Jessica in the sophomore debut of Netflix’s hit show Jessica Jones. After a long journey of trying to overcome her personal demons and save New York City at the same time, Jessica still needs to confront much of her past.

We had the amazing opportunity to speak with the incredible Jessica Jones herself, Krysten Ritter, at the red carpet premiere of Season 2. She gave us a sneak peek into what fans can expect from Jessica and how her actions affect those around her, whether she intends to or not.

Coming off the traumatic events of the first season and of The Defenders, where do we start with Jessica in Season 2?

So we find Jessica in a pretty dark headspace dealing with the aftermath of killing her tormentor. She’s really struggling with whether or not she’s a murderer or did she do the right thing. Jessica really doesn’t want to be a murderer. She doesn’t want to be a monster and she’s afraid that she is. So that’s a juicy thing for me to play as an actress and a very dark place for Jessica to be in.

 What do fans have to look forward to in Season 2?

We’re going deeper into Jessica and all the layers of her story. Then once things get going, it’s a real surprising ride. I think that the fans will be excited that the story is more personal than it was in Season 1. But we’re also pushing everything and everyone further.

 How do you feel that Jessica Jones reimagines the superhero?

Jessica really breaks out of the mold of what we expect from superheroes. She doesn’t wear a costume, even in her original comic books. And there are also some very explicit sex scenes.

Speaking of sex scenes, Luke Cage told her last season that being a hero puts a target on your back. How does everything that has happened in the past affect New York City itself? New Yorkers have superheroes flying above with suits, but they now know that they have superheroes among them wearing regular clothes as Jessica does.

Yeah, Jessica is definitely all boots on the ground, doesn’t wear a suit. Jessica is someone who has a lot of contempt for her powers. She doesn’t want them, she didn’t ask for them. She feels like she has a responsibility that she never asked for, so that’s part of her struggle and what makes her so prickly.

 We did get to see a couple flashbacks last season, do we get to explore what makes her so “prickly” this season and how she came to be that way?

Yes! That’s really what we wanted to do this season. I even wanted to know that, so we will definitely explore why Jessica is the way she is.

 All 13 episodes this season are directed by women, were you involved in that decision making process at all?

I wasn’t involved in the process. I know that they set out to hire 50% women and once they started interviewing people, that number increased. Then I think Netflix was like, why don’t we just hire all 13! And when I heard that, I got chills. I mean it was so exciting and you could feel that energy on set. There was a real sisterhood, a real celebration of each other. It was pretty badass to see all these women in positions of power, dressed down and getting down and dirty.

 Hopefully it becomes the norm soon!

Yes! That would be so cool.

 Last question. If you could have any super power in real life what would it be?

Mind control.

 Even after Kilgrave?

I mean, I wouldn’t abuse it like he did! It might come in handy!

Jessica Jones Season 2 is streaming now, only on Netflix.

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