Man Crush Monday: Rahul Kohli

I’m a sucker for a British accent, a sense of humor and a gigantic brain, all of which you can find with Rahul Kohli. Rahul got his big break when he joined the CW hit iZombie as the only human who knew about Zombies – until recently. Last season, Doctor Ravi Chakrabarti was so dedicated to finding a cure for zombies  he sacrificed his own human status to test the serum. And it worked…sort of. I expect, or hope, we will see more of that-time-of-the-month Zombie Ravi throughout Season 4.

In real life, Rahul doesn’t have to save the world with science but apparently he spends a lot of time saving the world in video games. In a 2017 interview in Rolling Stone, he admitted now that he is successful (according to his family), he doesn’t have to feel bad about spending three days gaming without leaving the house (or showering). He also secretly admitted to slowing down the iZombie wifi network with Overwatch sessions while on set. I love a man with this kind of dedication to his passion.

Rahul might have been gaming since the age of seven, but he didn’t start getting serious about acting until the age of 17. Having appeared in several stage productions, he crossed over to television after drama school and was mostly known for his roles in British dramas East Enders and Holby City. It was iZombie that brought him to us, I mean to U.S. audiences, and he has already done a stint on another CW hit show–Supergirl, as Jack Spheer. You can see him later this week in Happy Anniversary, a Netflix film about a couple who must decide whether to stay together or break up.

I hope Rahul and I never have to break up because he is a breath of fresh air to my Mondays. He’s a man’s man who likes to drink Guinness and hates to work out (according to his Instagram). When asked on a red carpet recently whose brain he would eat, he chose his girlfriend’s because he would want to know what it’s actually like to date him. See, dedication. He’s the best BFF, zombie/human wingman and soulmate there is. Here’s to you Man Crush Monday and thank you for making our Mondays so groovy.

You can follow Rahul on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. iZombie airs on Mondays at 9/8c.

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