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Last Wednesday we were introduced to Shinedown’s latest single, “Devil,” from the band’s forthcoming 6th album, Attention Attention. The song exploded across radio stations nationwide and immediately became the latest in the band’s string of hits. Lead singer Brent Smith’s voice has never been better. Certainly he’s easy on the eyes, but it’s his warm, deep liquid voice we’re all in love with.

Smith was born in Knoxville, Tennessee in 1978 and is an only child. While he was in his late teens, he fronted the band Dreve and was signed by Atlantic Records. The label dropped the band but kept Smith (I figure they felt they’d hit the jackpot with his voice). In 2001, Smith relocated to Jacksonville, Florida, where he began working on the project that would become Shinedown. He met drummer Barry Kerch, who remained the band’s drummer through several line-up changes, before Zach Myers and Eric Bass formed the quartet we now know.

Leave A Whisper was released in 2003, to huge critical success. The songs included the now classic “Fly From The Inside” and “.45.” Their second release, Us and Them, has their iconic cover of Lynyrd Skynyrd’s “Simple Man,” as well as fan favorites, “Save Me,” “I Dare You,” and “Shed Some Light.” 2008’s Sound of Madness introduced the band to the rock and roll mainstream, and their career has only soared upwards ever since.

Singer Brent Smith of Shinedown. (Photo by Owen Sweeney/Invision/AP)

Brent’s lyrics are often a reflection of his own journey and struggles, and fans are able to identify with the feelings he emotes when he sings them. The band’s newest single, “Devil,” reflects on the darkness that tempts a person at every turn. It’s heavy, and early reviewers are calling it their best work yet.

In 2014, Brent and guitarist Zach Myers completed a side project called simply, Smith & Myers, and released two EPs of covers. Smith & Myers just completed a tour in early 2018. Brent has also performed with Halestorm, Apocalyptica and In This Moment. Shinedown has sold over 10 million records now, and has had 11 number one singles on Billboard’s Mainstream Rock chart, third behind Three Days Grace and the legendary Van Halen. The band will be kicking off a tour this month to support the album, and will be playing my hometown in April of this year. Of course you know I’ll be there!

I’ve had the honor of meeting Brent, and in person he is insightful, warm and considerate. He also gives the best hugs!

Be sure to catch Brent and Shinedown on tour, and give their new song and video here a listen:

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  1. Hello yes I just wanted to give a correction to this article. Shonedown’s Cover of “Simple Man” was on their debut album, Leave a Whisper Deluxe edition released 2003 …. not Us and Them…. sincerely, a super Shinedown fan!

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