Man Crush Monday: Trent Garrett

I found my newest crush in the most unexpected place… Disney. As in the Disney Channel. Yes, I watch Disney shows. My daughter outgrew them, I didn’t. And Andi Mack is not only one of the most charming shows to come out of the Mouse House, but also the most progressive, introducing its first gay series regular.

Trent Garrett plays the titular character’s father – a fun-loving, green-thumbed, musician who belatedly learns he has a thirteen-year-old daughter and wants nothing more than to make up for lost time with her and win back the heart of her mother.

On this sweet coming-of-age show, it’s impossible not to be taken in by his character, Bowie Quinn. His earnest eagerness, goofy sense of humor, and hippie sensibilities not only win over his daughter but viewers as well. Then too, there are his inconceivable good looks! I suspect, given a look at Trent’s Instagram, that Bowie isn’t far removed from his portrayer, perhaps a bit more G-rated, but I’d say the essence between the two is very similar.

Most recently, Trent did a steamy turn on the new sitcom, Splitting Up Together. He plays the impossibly sexy Wes, a younger love interest for Jenna Fischer’s new divorcee. Not only does he reignite her sex life and confidence, he makes audience members sigh in envy.

Clearly, 2018 is his breakout year. In addition to these two shows he’s also had spots on Here and Now and Kevin (Probably) Saves the World. Prior to that he was probably best known for his role of Donovan on New Girl, as part of Cece’s Hunk Hunt, and as Asher Pike on All My Children, where he was called one of the “Hot Men of ABC Soaps.”

Born in Yorktown, PA, he’s the middle child of four. He was first discovered for modeling while working at the Grove’s Abercrombie in L.A. Despite his success in the business, he quickly bored of modeling and has found far more fulfillment in acting.

He’s an avid traveler, a prolific poet, a musician, athlete, yogi, and—most sigh-worthy—a true romantic. Follow him on Instagram and you’ll learn of his undying, passionate love for girlfriend, Maya, and son, Luka.

Garrett is everything worthy of a crush and if you haven’t discovered him yet, you’ll be glad you have now.

You must follow Garrett on Instagram (trust me!) and be sure to check out his music on Soundcloud. You can also catch him when Andi Mack returns on June 4th.  

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