TNWU Exclusive Interview: Corvyx Talks New Record, Spirituality

YouTube sensation and TNWU Cover Wars winner Corvyx is back with a gorgeous new cover and video, for Phil Collins’ “In the Air Tonight.” Corvyx and the song were featured here. The Met Gala inspired piece has generated quite a buzz for the multi-talented Corvyx. The artist graciously sat down with us again to discuss his latest project:

What was it about the MET that resounded so spiritually with you?

Religion has always been a topic of fascination to me. Born and raised Roman Catholic, I found parables and stories of biblical times rather terrifying. Everything was on a larger scale than what we, as a desensitized society, are used to. Each tale meant life or death and the severity of a scenario was of epic proportions. But the most elusive and mind boggling concept of Religion to me is the legacy, the longevity, and the endurance. Regardless of how warped the truth can become, it has trickled into the minutia of our everyday lives. It has been woven into the fabric, quite literally and culturally. I am huge fan of storytelling, fictitious or otherwise, and Religion is perhaps the most vividly painted picture we can wrap our heads around. The 2018 MET Gala resonated with me spiritually, not because of the lights, glitz, and glam, but because through all of the centuries, technology, societal evolutions and cultural paradigm shifts, still, we revert to the most archaic and beautiful anecdotes to inspire our fashion and our own storytelling. We all are obsessed with the idea of living forever and I think Religion is the ultimate immortality.

Are you by nature a spiritual or religious person?

Funny you should use the word “nature”. I believe in the life-force of the universe (as Woodstock hippie as that sounds). I believe in the most primal energies that we have been given from the dawn of time. The elements, the Stars, the Sun, the Moon and the gravitational pull of it all. The best part of it is that these beliefs go hand in hand aren’t strictly segregated from the laws of science. They are tangible, tactile energies. I am a highly spiritual person but as with many, my spirituality waxes and wanes. However, I do always feel a connection and ever-present conversation between myself and the Cosmos.

Why “In the Air Tonight”?

“In the Air Tonight” is arguably one of the most iconic songs of our time. I remember hearing it throughout my childhood and actually experiencing a sensation of inexplicable fear. But not the kind of fear you experience from a horror movie or a rollercoaster. It was a fear and feeling that wasn’t my own. It seems foreboding; like something terrible is about to happen, but it comes in the guise of this beautiful, transcendent arrangement of music. Music truly is closest thing we, as a race, can come to alchemy and magic. Manipulating the molecules in a room and feeling a physical change in energy because of a song. This song is everything I hope to accomplish in my own music. Enchanting and omnipresent.

Why did you choose the Eve and the serpent story in particular?

The story of Genesis resounded with me because it encompasses the beginning and the beginning of the end. The downfall of man. And although, a story of religion and the past, I chose it because of its timelessness which is parallel to what “In the Air Tonight” evokes as a musical piece. The concept was very much inspired as it hit me rather quickly. The song has an innate heir of seduction and the lyricism very much suits the Adam and Eve narrative. I chose the perspective of the Serpent and the personification of “Sin” as the lyrics taunt the innocence of Eve. “Well I was there and I saw what you did, I saw it with my own two eyes So you can wipe off that grin, I know where you’ve been It’s all been a pack of lies…” I have never really seen this concept entwined with the idea of this song and I thought it worked perfectly. The concept of the video was very straightforward in its use of biblical imagery. As previously stated, “In the Air Tonight” is a foreboding, ominous feeling in the guise of a haunting, yet beautifully enchanting melody. The Devil is the maestro of the storyline. He is sin, lies, and temptation, and in my music video, he seduces Eve in the form of a mysterious, saintly embodiment.

How long did this one take to film?

We waited for twilight and started filming around 6PM. We made sure Mr. Lorenzo the Snake had his scenes shot first (a true diva) and continued well into the dark of the night. We wrapped around 10:30 PM and poor Ariane Ryan (Eve) had probably contracted hypothermia and limes disease (I’m kidding). All jokes aside, she was seriously incredible and such a soldier through the whole process. Thank you, Ariane!

Has this become a favorite amongst your covers?

It absolutely has become my favorite cover to date. There are always covers that I find fun and exciting to do but this felt important and inspired. The vocal felt inspired in the studio as well. As if I was a vessel for a much more important message and not just for my own selfish source of expression.

What do you hope viewers/listeners take away from the video?

I hope whoever watches/listens to my cover of “In the Air Tonight” can evoke that same transcendent, spell-binding feeling I grew up with when listening to the original but more importantly, see the song as a rebirth. As a throwback, it can be hard to revamp such a classic when so many people have heard it one way their entire lives. I think we did a great job of recreating this track and making it feel of this era while maintaining the truth and authenticity of the original.

What is up next for you?

Working on releasing more material this year through my recent Patreon ventures as well as my ever-expanding YouTube platform. The ultimate goal is to begin releasing original singles leading up to a culminating EP.

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