Bryna’s Playlist: October 2018

While my music tastes vary from pop and R&B and everything in between, country music always holds a special place in my heart. This month, especially, it seems to be all that’s on my playlist. I always like talking about what I’m currently listening to and getting suggestions on what I should be listening to. So with that being said, I’ve put together a list of the 8 country tracks I have been playing on repeat lately. 

Jimmie Allen — All Tractors Ain’t Green

The last song of Jimmie Allen’s newly released album, Mercury Lane, is without a doubt my favorite of the 15 tracks. “All Tractors Ain’t Green” tells the story of Allen’s career, especially as a black man trying to break into mainstream country music, which is often seen as a very white space. The lyrics are powerful, poignant and beautiful, but it’s the echoes of gospel music throughout that really sell this song for me. Yes, it’s different than the typical country song, but that’s why I love it. I predict this will be a career-defining song for Allen. I can already see the audiences singing this song back to him for years to come. Seriously, you must check this out.

Morgan Evans — Things That We Drink To

Australian country artist Morgan Evans has slowly been making waves in the US for the last couple of years, but his newly released debut album, Things That We Drink To, is sure to impress fans. Stylistically, Evans has a Keith Urban vibe; his music is bold and vibrant yet extremely earnest and honest. The strongest moment of the album is the title track, which is dedicated to his manager who recently passed away. “Gonna raise up a tall glass, tonight as we look back. Back on all the life that we lived through. Yeah, the things that we drink to.” I could go on and on about the love I have for this track, but it honestly speaks for itself once you listen to it.

Lena Stone — October

Lena Stone’s newest single “October” might not be making radio airwaves, but it should definitely be added to your playlists. The entire song is a beautiful metaphor between Stone’s relationship with an ex and what the month of October means for the end of summer; it’s simple yet strong enough to make you feel all the feels. Overall, “October” really highlights Stone’s strengths as both a writer and an artist. She is definitely an up-and-comer you’ll want to pay attention to over the next couple of years.

Walker Hayes — 90’s Country

Walker Hayes and his latest single, “90’s Country,” are the epitome of a good time. In the track, Hayes mentions more than 20 hit songs from the 90s as a way to tell a story of young love. Not only does the song give a good dose of nostalgia for those who grew up on the beloved country artists of the 90s, but he’s also able to do so in a way that’s contemporary and fresh. Overall, the song is an innovative, feel-good tune that you won’t want to stop listening to.

Lauren Alaina — Ladies in the ‘90s

Lauren Alaina has one of the most underrated voices in country music. Hopefully, her newest single, “Ladies in the ‘90s,” will help change that. This track shows a different side to Alaina, as she’s more known for the emotion and power of her songs. Nevertheless, this track is a fun and colorful ode to all of the women artists of the ‘90s who helped paved the way for current female artists like Alaina. 

Brett Young — Here Tonight

I’ve been all in on Brett Young since I saw him perform live in early 2017 before he started blowing up and being nominated for all of the awards. It’s been about a year and a half since the release of his self-titled album and he’s finally released new music with his single, “Here Tonight.” The track has a slightly different tone and vibe than his previous singles, which tended to be slower romantic ballad-type songs. But just because this single has a laid-back, carefree vibe to it doesn’t mean it won’t hit you right in the feels. The simple request of wanting to share a few more minutes with the person you love is genuine and beyond relatable. If this track is any indication of what we’ll hear off his new album, Ticket To L.A., I expect Brett is expanding his range as an artist.

Mitchell Tenpenny — Drunk Me

This song actually came out in February, but sometimes I can be slow to discover new hits (I blame not currently having my car, which means a serious lack of country radio in my life). After hearing it for the first time I can’t get it out of my head. While it starts out slow it quickly picks up for the chorus. “I’ve been sober ‘cause there ain’t no hangover like you girl,” he croons and I can’t help but sing-along at the top of my lungs. 

Dan + Shay — Keeping Score (feat. Kelly Clarkson)

Kelly Clarkson serves as the perfect duet partner for Dan + Shay on this anthem, which was released as part of their self-titled album this summer. Lyrically, the song emphasizes the idea that time is fleeting and you should soak up all the time you get to spend with your loved ones. The highlight of this track, though, is the stunning vocals from both sides; when they join together on the chorus, it just amplifies all the feels.

What do guys think of these songs? Let me know in the comments below! Feel free to share your music recommendations with me as well, country or not!

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