Exclusive Interview with Electro-Pop Singer Jade Alice

Electro-pop singer-songwriter and producer Jade Alice epitomizes today’s pop music, as demonstrated by her latest single, “In Too Deep”; the song effortlessly transforms from a languid track with full, angelic-sounding vocals to a roof-raising dance track. I got the chance to talk with Jade about how she got started in music, whether Australia influences the music she creates, her new single and so much more. Keep reading to see what she had to say!

Tell me a little bit about how you first got into making and performing music.

I was very lucky! I grew up in a musical family so it was always around me. When I was around 4 years old, my dad would play piano and I would make up these ridiculous songs in gibberish, dramatically draping myself across the furniture then jumping or rolling off of things. I took it very seriously. We have some old videos of it; they’re hilarious. But I loved it so much and it eventuated into learning new instruments and writing my own songs.

Was there a specific moment or person who made you realize music is what you wanted to pursue professionally?

I’d have to say seeing my parents perform was so inspiring for me. They met when they started up this ABBA tribute band that has been going for over 20 years in Australia. I’d go with them on tour and just watch in awe from side stage or in the audience, so from every angle I would experience how special music and performing was, and that it was possible to make it your career. All I could think of was how much I wanted to be a part of it one day.

How much does Melbourne and Australia in general play a role in the music you create, whether it be referenced in the lyrics or just the overall sound of your music?

I never realized how much of an impact being in Melbourne had on my music, but now that I think about it, it’s my whole life and everything I know. So even in a subconscious way it would filter into my writing. We are definitely a city of live music; there’s so much to see all the time and that’s a great culture to be a part of. I also just finished studying music composition at The University Of Melbourne, which played a huge role in learning new ways of writing/producing. So many creative challenges and collaborations were formed there. I wrote “In The Deep” during my final semester.

I’m always genuinely curious about what artists want to convey with their music. So how would you describe your sound without using genre names? What kind of music do you produce?

Songs made of lush, silky nostalgia and rose-tinted melancholy. And honey hugs.

Going off of that, who are some of your musical influences?

Lana del Rey, Joni Mitchell, Ellie Goulding, Troye Sivan, Billie Eilish, Aurora, Taylor Swift, Kate Bush (and I’d have to mention ABBA).

Let’s talk about your new single, “In The Deep.” What’s the story behind the song?

I wanted to capture an urgency and excitement, like a kid with no inhibitions or preconceptions. Just being playful and honest about an attraction to someone. Every person has their own energy, a way in which they present themselves and a walk and talk that belongs to them. I think people are just so exotic, and I always find myself wondering about strangers. Then sometimes there’s no explainable reason why you’re drawn to someone’s presence, and your gaze keeps making it’s way over to them. You just feel this pull to them. So this song, “In The Deep,” has stemmed from moments like that, both in fantasy and real life!

What was your writing process like for this song? Are you someone who always has to write by yourself or do you like collaborating with others?

The melody for this song actually came quite quickly, and the lyrics came naturally after that. Often I overthink both of those elements and feel the need to add complexity to make things sound better. But this time, I just put down whatever came out and didn’t second guess anything. The production, however, took me many hours. Up until this year, I was somewhat of a control freak and could only write by myself, but I guess it was also because I was too shy to offer my ideas in a collaborative setting. Then suddenly this year, I’m collaborating with more producers and artists than ever before. I think it just took having a good experience with someone to start the ball rolling.

Musically, what can people expect from you for the rest of 2018? Is there an EP or a full-length album release coming anytime soon?

Over the last few years, I’ve written and recorded so many unreleased songs, there’s definitely an album’s worth there. I want to put out an album so badly, it’s really just a process of timing and figuring out the best way to release it. I want to do it while those songs are still relevant to me, so they all join together to form a complete thought. Hopefully, by next year the album will be out!

You’re still relatively new to the music game. What are some music-industry related goals or benchmarks you aim to reach in the next couple of years?

Putting out my first album would have to be in there. I’d love to tour overseas and support some artists that inspire me like Vera Blue or Troye Sivan. To have a song that charts somewhere in the world! To write a song for someone else. And I really want to write a musical too. It’s a bit of a mixed bag!

Last question — we’re called Talk Nerdy With Us because we all have an inner-nerd. What is something you nerd out about?

Gosh, my nerd is not that inner. [laughs] I love show tunes. I have a ticket collection from every movie/show I’ve seen since I was 15. When I was younger, I used to have an unhealthy obsession with the Twilight book saga, and my email address was even jade_twilight_rox. Back in early high school, my look was braces, glasses with no frames, I wore a keychain, and sometimes I wore a beret.

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