Freeform’s 25 Days of Christmas Gifts Us with Life-Size 2!

It’s November 1st and Merry Christmas was already trending on Twitter this morning. Kill me now! If you’re like me and don’t want to think about Santa until at least Thanksgiving this is just a heads up for next month. Whew, it’s bad enough Christmas decorations are in stores BEFORE Halloween. Right? Right?

Now that Freeform has wrapped their wildly successful 31 Nights of Halloween (my fave!) they’re prepping for 25 Days of Christmas. Woohoo! 

Starting December 1st, you’ll get to watch those holiday favorites you revisit each year such as The Santa Clause, Toy Story, Dr. Seuss’ How the Grinch Stole Christmas, Tim Burton’s The Nightmare Before Christmas and Disney’s A Christmas Carol, plus much more

Speaking of revisit though, we once again get to see everyone’s favorite doll come-to-life. No, I’m not talking about Chucky! 

It’s been eighteen years, but I’m sure you remember Life-Size with Lindsay Lohan as Casey Stuart, a grief-stricken 11-year-old who attempts to raise her mother from the dead with a spell book, but instead magics Tyra Banks to life as her fashion model doll Eve. Geez, are we sure this isn’t a horror movie? 

This made-for-TV Disney original with the tagline “She was a perfect doll. Now she’s the real thing.” premiered on ABC and became a big hit, especially once it was released on DVD & VHS and was later shown ad nauseam on the Disney Channel.

This December 2nd, Eve returns in Life-Size 2. Here for your reading pleasure is the official blurb for the movie:

Grace Manning (Francia Raisa) is the 20-something CEO of Marathon Toys, a huge toy company started by her mother that is most famous for manufacturing the iconic Eve doll. Grace is also in the middle of her quarter-life crisis, realizing she is in over her head as CEO. To make matters worse, her wild-child ways are causing the company’s stock to plummet. With the help of her young next-door neighbor (Betsy Sligh), Grace’s old Eve doll (Tyra Banks) magically awakens to help get Grace back on track and give her the confidence to be the woman and leader Eve knows Grace can be.

You’ll notice Lindsay isn’t mentioned anywhere in the blurb. HOWEVER, she is on the IMdb page so we may see Eve and Casey reunite which would make those once tween fans, who are now adult women, nostalgically happy. Chances are some of those ladies are now moms who’ll be happy to watch this sequel with their own kids.

In addition to this long-anticipated follow-up, Freeform also has Disney’s Fairy Tale Weddings: Holiday Magic 2No Sleep ‘Till Christmas, a romcom with Dave and Odette Annable, and the return of Pop Up Santa.

For more info on the 25 Days of Christmas visit the Freeform page and be sure to follow up with us as we take a closer look at their upcoming original programming. 

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