Hannah May Allison Releases New Single “Stand Corrected”

The first thing I thought when I listened to Hannah May Allison’s new single “Stand Corrected” was “Man, that’s such a jam.” After multiple listens, the sentiment still holds.

Written with Casey Cattie and Lauren McLamb, the song is about the power of love and about falling in love again when you least expect it. Hannah May explains, “The song is about how a breakup with someone you thought was ‘the one’ can make you believe that love is gone forever and that no one else out there can ever make you feel the way your ex did. But the crazy thing about love is that no matter how much you think you won’t be able to move on and find love again it’ll prove you wrong.”

Not only is the song honest and relatable, but the songwriting from Hannah May, Casey and Lauren is top-notch; it’s descriptive enough for listeners to easily picture the scene and ultimately transport themselves into that same scenario. It’s everything a good song should be.

“Stand Corrected” also showcases Hannah May’s standout voice. You can easily hear the pop and traditional country influences in her voice from her years of listening to both genres, which mesh together beautifully to create the distinct tone of her voice, which is both very modern and very fresh.

It’s hard not to get excited about the future of Hannah May’s career both as a singer and a songwriter if this track is any indication of what’s to come.

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