Game of Thrones ‘Battle of Winterfell’: An Excruciating Episode AND That Surprise Ending!

WARNING: SPOILERS FOR 08X03 ‘The Long Night’

Hi. Hello. Is everyone OK? How are you feeling? I know I’m still a mess HOURS LATER.

The episode we’ve all been waiting for aired last night, and there is just SO much to talk about, SO much that left us reeling. Quite simply, you cannot get over it, cannot shake it. I know I can’t.

Let’s chat, shall we?


“The Long Night” delivered one of THE most intense, heart-palpitating, and excruciating 90 minutes of television we’ve ever seen. Death upon death. Heartache upon heartache. And we’ve still got 3 more episodes to go!

The quiet open of the episode began as the collective army in Winterfell prepared for the ultimate showdown. The rush of emotions going through each character was felt through the screen.

Melisandre then showed up and magically lit the swords of all the Dothraki warriors. As the flames illuminated the field, the stressful feeling remained. The small amount of adrenaline her encantation offered came to an abrupt end as the Dothraki rushed toward the unseen enemy and we witnessed the flames of their swords snuff out one by one. Suddenly, the Wights attacked our remaining troops like the wild, dead beasts they are.

The Battle of Winterfell was just as frightening as I imagined. As our beloved soldiers fought the merciless dead, the enemy kept increasing in number. There was an actual moment where I thought, “Wow, is this it? We are far outnumbered, and the wights are as ruthless as they can be.”

Nothing is worse than fast zombies coming your way!

The visible exhaustion and fear of our key characters broke our hearts. The fight was relentless and unending. Brienne and Jaime fought alongside each other with every primal scream and breath they could manage; Greyworm bravely led his army of Unsullied, as strong as he could; Ser Jorah attacked like the fierce warrior we know him to be. Every character had an honorable moment.

What resonated through the entire episode was how daunting The Night King really is.

As the battle raged on, Dany and Jon took flight on the dragons. Their scenes alone were difficult to watch. Drogo and Rhaegal versus Dany’s fallen third dragon, Viserion – who breathes blue fire.

Despite their awesome power, not even a dragon’s flame could stop The Night King. The smirk he gave Dany as she thought she’d torched him sent chills down my back.

And that’s when things got really shaky.

And yet, I expected more of our beloved characters to fall. Man, oh man, did they persevere.


Arya Freaking Stark. First of Her Name, the Unseen, Lover of Gendry, and most importantly, the SLAYER OF THE NIGHT KING.



All hope seemed lost for everyone as the battle intensified and many, many lives were lost.

The Night King finally came face to face with Bran, and just when he reached for him — BOOM! Arya shattered TNK to oblivion.

That whole sequence of him choking her, then her dropping the knife only to grab it with her other hand and stab him was EPIC! It had all of us screaming — Arya Stark defeated The Night King. And once The Night King falls, they all fall.

Arya’s character arc has been nothing even close to ordinary. She was made for this. All along, we thought Game of Thrones was centered around Jon Snow. We were wrong. It was Arya’s journey all along, and I couldn’t be more ecstatic.

Cersei Lannister, Arya is coming for your head. You’re next!

Thoughts I can’t seem to let go of:

  • Theon and Jorah died as heroes. Theon redeemed himself; he atoned for all his sins and died doing what he promised: protecting Bran. Jorah did the same for Dany. Both moments were very powerful to watch.
  • Lyanna Mormont was a badass and died like a badass!
  • What a sweet and tender moment between Sansa and Tyrion in the crypt. I’m glad they were together.
  • That freaking crypt was never safe!
  • The real battle continues next week: the battle for the throne.

What did you think of the episode? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

Game of Thrones airs Sundays at 9 pm ET on HBO.

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