‘The Amazing Race’ recap: Who went home in Leg 2?

Season 31 of The Amazing Race continued on Wednesday night as the remaining teams set off to Luang Prabang and the Double U-Turn reared its ugly head on one team.

Big Brother team Rachel and Elissa thought they formed an alliance with Team Fun (Becca and Colin), but it didn’t last long as Team Fun ditched the sisters to buy tickets on a faster flight.

As the teams arrived, they learned that they could not get their next clue until sunrise. The teams got their clue and headed off, arriving at the dreaded Double U-Turn. Rachel and her sister decided to U-Turn Becca and Floyd aka Team Fun, forcing them to complete both parts of the challenge.

The next challenge was a detour, and their choice “ABC or “BBQ”. In ABC, teams must learn the alphabet and then take an oral exam in front of school children; if they complete it correctly, they get their next clue. In “BBQ”, teams must properly prepare fish skewers and duck to get their next clue. Tyler and Korey finished the detour first and received their next clue but that lead was short lived as they fell to last place after struggling at the BBQ alley.

For their next challenge, teams must ride an elephant and give it loud commands as it navigates itself through a forest. Nicole and Victor finished the task first and got their clue to the pitstop. The Big Brother team looked like they were going to finish in first but Nicole was incorrectly told they were going the wrong way by Leo and Jamal and listened to them instead of Victor. As a result, Leo and Jamal finished in first place for the second straight week with Nicole and Victor coming in second.

Rachel and Elissa finished third, Amazing Race team Colin and Christie and Big Brother‘s Janelle and Britney were fourth and fifth respectively. As the teams began to arrive at the pitstop to meet host Phil Keoghan, Rupert and Laura realized they were last.

As Rupert and Laura went to finally meet Phil at the pitstop, he told them they were indeed last and eliminated from the race.

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The Amazing Race airs Wednesdays at 9/8c on CBS.

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