‘Good Trouble’ Season 2 Trailer Released + Initial Reactions

We’re still over a month away from the season 2 premiere of Freeform’s Good Trouble but we’ve already gotten a first look at the new season as Freeform unexpectedly dropped the first trailer.

Since my fellow writer, Stephen, and I are such big fans of the show, we wanted to come together to discuss our initial reactions/thoughts/feelings we have about the trailer and some of the questions we have after watching it.

Initial Reactions


  • Alice in bed with Joey makes me so happy. I’m so glad she’s finally feeling comfortable enough to own her sexuality.
  • “Are you still in love with her?” “Are you still in love with Jeff?” Why do they seem jealous of each other in this moment? I AM NOT OKAY WITH THIS.
  • Some Malika and Callie bonding time with wine — I’ve needed this for SO long.
  • Dennis’ story continues to be one of the most intriguing parts of the show.
  • Dennis playing the drums means hopefully we’ll get more music!
  • I’ve had a little time to sit on it but I still don’t really know how I feel about the whole Dennis/Davia potential romance.
  • No hints as to who from the Adams Foster family might be making an appearance in season 2.
  • On Instagram, the Good Trouble account posted the trailer with the accompanying caption: “finding yourself comes at a cost”. Just from this trailer alone, I can see that that already sums up the season perfectly.


  • The first thing that attracted me was the music. Freeform chose the PERFECT music for this promo given it starts slow and then gets more intense as the scenes go through.
  • I really loved that Alice was narrating this. Her voice with the music package worked perfectly.
  • Now as to the actual footage, the first thing I noticed is why is Callie protesting? I know Judge Wilson took her off the Jamal Thompson case but I would figure this would look bad for her clerkship.
  • While Bryna is excited about the bathtub scene with Callie and Gael, what if that footage is from last season? Or it could be a dream?
  • I’d like to take this opportunity to say that I totally called Davia and Dennis having some feelings for each other in the season one finale. This trailer hints to that! You see both Dennis and Davia asking if they still have feelings for their respective exes, did a see a hint of jealously there?
  • Elijah is back but honestly, so much happened with Gael last season that I completely forget he even existed.
  • Speaking of Gael, he seems to be stuck in a pickle as we saw him nearly kiss Elijah and seemingly still having feeling for Callie.
  • Speaking of Callie, we left off with her not choosing between Gael or Jamie. The trailer does not hint at it but it seems she chose Jamie or is at least leaning towards him.
  • Across the show’s socials, they used the tagline “finding yourself comes at a cost” and based on this minute preview alone, this season might be even messier than the last. And I feel Callie or Mariana might find themselves out of a job.

Questions We Have After Watching


  • What is this party that we keep seeing clips of?
  • How can Callie be protesting? What is happening with the whole Judge Wilson situation?
  • WHO DID CALLIE CHOOSE? I want to say it’s clearly not Gael because he’s almost kissing Elijah (more on that in a second), but yet she’s in the bathtub with him and almost kissing him so I don’t know. She’s also crying on Jamie’s shoulder, which means he’s still in her life and someone she goes to for help regardless of whether it’s in a romantic sense or not.
  • And speaking of Elijah, how does he end up back in the picture? And why is he around so much? And what exactly is his and Gael’s history?
  • Is Alice going to push Joey away, yet again? Is Sumi still in the picture.
  • Is Dennis’ struggle still a secret to everyone but Davia?
  • Are we really going to have Davia and Dennis hookup?
  • What the heck is Malika getting escorted out of?
  • We only see one little glimpse of Mariana. What does she decide to do about Evan and Speckulate? It looks like she’s at the Speckulate office in that clip, so does that mean she decides to stay, even if she has to give up her app? What about Mariana and Raj? What is the status of their relationship?


  • My main question what the hell is going on with Davia and Dennis? It seems like they will be getting the main storyline of this season based on the trailer.
  • How did Elijah get back in the picture? And is Gael in an open relationship and seeing both him and Callie?
  • Dennis saying “you can’t fix me!” to Davia makes me think his issues are still a secret everyone and Davia wants to be the one to help him through it. But are her feelings real or is it out of fear of losing Dennis?
  • Alice seems to be pushing Joey away again. But the main question is why? She is already out and seems to be enjoying life.
  • What is going on with Mariana and Raj? Also, her time at Speckulate was a major focus of season one. So did she give up her app? Did she stay?
  • And finally, which member of The Fosters family is returning in Season 2?

What did you guys think of the trailer? Let us know in the comments below!

Good Trouble returns for Season 2 on June 18th on Freeform.

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