“I feel Felicity has done her time”: Emily Beck Rickards speaks out about return to ‘Arrow’

With Arrow getting set to wrap up their series this fall with a 10-episode eighth season, fans shouldn’t expect Emily Beck Rickards to make an appearance.

In the final scene of Season 7, Felicity Smoak, played by Rickards, went off with The Monitor to see Oliver (Stephen Amell) but was warned she could no longer return to her present day life.

“I’ve been waiting a very long time to see him,” Felicity said. “I’m ready.”

Fans had held out hope that Felicity would return for at least one episode, but it looks like that may not be in the cards.

Speaking to collider.com, Rickards said she feels that Felicity has “done her time” and will leave that to the show’s writers.

“I don’t know if anybody is going to like what I’m saying, but I feel like Felicity has done her time,” she said. “We knew this was coming for a while – for over a year – so the whole thing is exactly what we wanted to happen. I trust the writers, and that’s in their hands.”

CW president Mark Pedowitz echoed Rickards’ words and added he’s pleased with how the show said goodbye to her character.

“If Beth [Schwartz] can find a way to bring her back that makes sense, and Emily is available, we’d love to have her,” he said. “Otherwise, I’m pleased by how they said goodbye to the character.”

This only adds to the questions that fans have about how the show will move forward for its final season as it looks like Oliver will likely not be in Star City.

Do you think Felicity’s story has wrapped or should she return? Let me know in the comments below!

Arrow returns for its eighth and final season in the fall on The CW.

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