‘World of Dance’ Season 3 finale: And the winner is..

The Kings' Final Routine is an Action Movie Live on Stage - World of Dance World Finals 2019

SPOILER ALERT: The following article contains spoilers from the season three finale of World of Dance.

After 12 weeks of intense competition, flips and some mind blowing tricks, The Kings have been crowned the winners of World of Dance Season 3.

Sunday’s season finale saw the last five acts standing hit the stage for the final time, hoping to impress judges Derek Hough, Ne-Yo, and Jennifer Lopez enough to walk away victorious.

The Kings’ winning performance saw them come out dressed as gladiators and do some mind-blowing tricks, including one that was in slow motion that looked like something out of a movie.

The dance group from Mumbai, India earned a perfect score from the judges, taking home the $1 million prize. The 14-person group previously won India’s Got Talent along with other dance competitions in India.

World of Dance Season 3 finale finishing order:

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