‘Big Brother 21’ recap: Cliff returns to the house and puts his plan into motion

Big Brother continued on Sunday with the fallout from Cliff’s Camp Comeback win. He is ready to take control of the game and returns to the house with one heck of a plan.

In case you missed it, here’s a recap of what went down in Sunday’s episode

Cliff is back!

Sunday’s episode picks up after Cliff returned to the house. The unde9able alliance is cracking after The Six Shooters blindsided Nick and Bella by evicting Cliff earlier in the night.

Jackson lies and says that the plan happened just hours before Thursday’s eviction when it actually had come together days before. Jack finally lets loose and confronts Bella. He tells her that she is the reason the alliance is falling apart, and storms back out of the room.

The Power is up for grabs

This week’s Head of Household (HoH) competition involved the houseguests having to correctly identify “badges” in a question and answer style competition.

One by one the houseguests were eliminated until it was just Jack and Cliff left. Cliff buzzed in with the correct answer and became the new HoH. He celebrated with a dance alone in the storage room, but knew he wouldn’t be alone for long.

“I am dancing alone now but I bet I’ll have a lot of dance partners later,” he told the camera.

Six Shooters Scramble

With Cliff in power, the Six Shooters alliance is scrambling. Jackson has the not-so bright idea to tell Cliff to put him up as a pawn. That way, if Jackson wins the Power of Veto, Christie would use her power to give Jackson the right to name the replacement nominee.

Christie goes to Cliff and tells him about her power, which would allow the veto holder to name the replacement nominee. Cliff goes to the Diary Room and laughs it off. Does nobody realize that Cliff now has a whole lot of important information about all the other houseguests?

We then proceed to get a montage of everyone in the house coming to talk to Cliff, making all kinds of promises and deals. But he knew what was really up.

“No one wanted to talk to me last week but now that I’m HoH, I’m the most popular guy in the house,” he said.


As expected, Cliff nominated Jack and Jackson for eviction this week. It safe to say that Jackson’s pleas in the HoH room this week did not go according to his plan. Jack was furious following the nomination ceremony on the feeds and I’m interested to see how much of the fallout they’ll show in the next episode.

What did you think of Cliff’s move? Let me know in the comments below!

Big Brother continues on Wednesday at 9/8c on CBS.

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