‘Big Brother 21’ recap: Cliff’s big week turns into a big flop

Remember how in Sunday’s episode of Big Brother when Cliff took control of the game and promised to make a big move this week? Wednesday night saw him ‘break’ his promise as his ‘big week’ became one massive flop.

In case you missed it, here’s a recap of what went down inside the house.

Nominations fallout

The episode kicks off following Cliff nominating Jack and Jackson for eviction. The guys are taking it well, but what the edit fails to show is Jack getting upset and hiding Cliff’s cereal boxes in retaliation. Anyway, Jackson has an idea to get Christie to use her power to ensure Bella goes home this week. In case you forgot, Christie has the Diamond Power of Veto, which when activated, allows whoever won that week’s Power of Veto (PoV) to override one of the HOH nominations and appoint whoever they want up for eviction

Jack finally uses his power

It was time to pick players for the PoV competition. Cliff picks Sam, Jack picks Holly, and Jackson picks Jessica. Jack was not happy with this and decides to activate his chaos power to force a redraw. Cliff picks Kathryn, Jack picks Sam, and Jackson draws Analyse. That was it? Talk about a lame power that had no real impact other than just having good luck on your side.

Strip down veto!

For this week’s PoV competition, the players have to take off their clothes, and strip down to their swimsuit while sitting on a jet ski. Seems easy enough, right? To make things harder, they must hold down three buttons at the same time to prevent their time from ramping up.

Jackson completes the competition in 2:59 and easily wins the PoV, ensuring his safety for the week. It looked like Kat may have been a tad faster than Jackson, but it was a great competition regardless.

Cliff’s big dud

With Jackson winning the veto, Cliff is worried about Christie using her power. He knows that he has plenty of options. but none of them will keep him safe.

Christie meets with Cliff and tells him if he were to put up Bella, she won’t use her power and will promise him two weeks of safety beginning next week. Cliff agrees to that and says he will put Bella up like the Six Shooters want.

According to plan

At the veto ceremony, Jackson removes himself from the block as expected. Cliff then follows through on his deal, putting up Bella up next to Jack for eviction this week. This makes Thursday’s eviction completely pointless because we all know Bella is going home and there’s nothing that can happen that will change that.

Episode Notes

  • What promised to be a great week ends up being a dud. Two weeks of safety in the Big Brother house is awesome, but Cliff had the chance to go down in history as the person who made the biggest move of the season. He failed and that is what he will be remembered for.
  • Have-Nots returned this week ,but it does not matter because production doesn’t care about the rules. Jackson, Tommy, Kat, and Christie were all on slop this week.

What did you make of the episode? Let me know in the comments below!

Big Brother continues tonight at 9/8c on CBS with the live eviction with host Julie Chen Moonves.

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