‘Big Brother 21’ recap: Gr8ful becomes h8ful

Wednesday night’s episode of Big Brother might have featured the usual Power of Veto (PoV) competition, but it also showed how ugly and nasty the game can be.

It picked up following Nick’s nominations of Jessica and Cliff. Nick is fuming because Nicole informed him before the nominations that some people from his gr8ful alliance were planning on nominating him and Bella.

Gr8ful heads to the Head of Household bedroom for a team meeting. Bella locks the door and tells the group what Nicole told them. Even though what Nicole said was actually true, the entire group denies it and it gets angry. This causes Bella to truly believe that Nicole lied and played her, when in fact she wasn’t.

David, Cliff, and Nicole all try to enter the HoH room at different points during the meeting, but are turned away. In fact, Nicole actually got the door slammed in her face. I was watching on TV and I was pissed off the entire team; I can’t imagine being inside the house. Ovi was just as upset as he went to the HoH room and told the group from outside the door that how they were treating Nicole was not cool. Gr8ful then goes full angry mob and decides to rename their alliance “Unde9able”, as Sam as now joined them. Personally, I would have gone with “Hateful 9”.

Bella and Nicole talk after this, but that conversation really goes nowhere. After awhile, Nicole finally stands up to Bella, saying she is the reason that the hateful 9 will crumble. Bella realizes this is probably true, but doesn’t want to admit it, and walks out.

It is finally time to pick players for the PoV competition. This week, Nick, Jessica, Cliff, Jackson, Kathryn, and Christie all take part. Big Brother 20 contestant Kaitlyn Herman returned to host… for some reason. The goal was to complete a puzzle of Kaitlyn, and the first to do so would win. Kathryn kills this comp and easily wins.

Prior to the veto meeting, Christie becomes paranoid, thinking for some weird reason she is going up on the block. I’m not sure if it was the universe or the stuffed owl they have in the house that gave her that idea but it was sure odd.

At the veto meeting, Kathryn takes Jessica off the block and Nick nominates Nicole in her place.

Episode Notes

  • I’m so glad the broadcast show stayed true to the edit for what everyone saw on the live feeds. They did not cut much out from that awful Friday night in the house that saw Nicole in tears on more than one occasion.
  • The word “bully” is thrown around too often in society today, but in all honesty, this cast is full of bullies. Watching grown men and women being mean just for the fun of it has turned this season into something that isn’t fun to watch.
  • This episode really showed what a nice guy Ovi is. I’d love to be his friend, but he may be too nice for this game.

What did you think of the episode? Let me know in the comments below!

Big Brother airs Thursday at 9/8c with host Julie Chen Moonves for the next eviction as one houseguest returns to the game from Camp Comeback and THREE go home.

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