Karla Souza is leaving ‘How To Get Away With Murder’ as a series regular

The final season of How To Get Away With Murder is underway and one original cast member has already said her goodbyes.

TVLine is reporting that Karla Souza, who plays Laurel Castillo, is departing the show as a series regular for the sixth and final season. Laurel went missing at the end of season five and was not seen in Thursday’s season premiere.

Despite her departure, the website reported that it seems likely that Souza will return for at least an episode or two during the final season. Showrunner Pete Nowalk said Laurel’s storyline is one of the bigger mysteries of the season.

“We’ll try to be giving you answers as quickly as possible [as to] where Laurel and [son] Christopher are,” he told TVLine. “Laurel’s done some shady things in the past, so the possibility of her disappearing herself is very real. Or, because her family is so crazy, they could have taken her. Or someone else could have taken her. All of these questions are on the characters’ minds and the audience’s mind, so we’ll be trying to provide them with clues as to what really happened.”

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How To Get Away With Murder airs its final season Thursdays at 10/9c on ABC.

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