‘Riverdale’ 4×02 recap: Senior year is officially here

Wednesday night’s episode of Riverdale saw the start of senior year, a new man in charge of Riverdale High and an offer made to Jughead.

In case you missed it, here’s a recap of what went down in Wednesday’s episode.

Cheryl vs. Mr. Honey

Following steamy late night for Archie, Veronica, Betty and Jughead, the gang woke up late for class. As they walk in, they are greeted by Mr. Honey, the new school principal. He lets the gang know that this year will be different and he plans to bring “order, discipline and consequences” back to the school.

This doesn’t sit well with Cheryl and Toni (mostly Cheryl) after Mr. Honey denies them a back to school dance. So Cheryl decides to throw a party at Thistle House instead. The party was in full swing until the police are called. F.P. informs Cheryl that a noise complaint was called in from Mr. Honey.

Later, Cheryl gets him back by leaving a beehive filled with swarming bees in his office. It looks like Mr. Honey has started to learn that you can’t mess with Cheryl Blossom and not get burned.

Jughead’s offer… and bleak future

Jughead gets the offer to switch schools and attend the extremely fancy Stonewall Prep. Just the name alone makes you think of stuck up rich kids. The school’s writing teacher Mr. Chipping took a special interest in Jughead’s short story but he was conflicted about taking the offer.

He and Betty tour the school where Jughead sits in on a class and the teacher really likes his answer. It is clear he’s happy there but he doesn’t want to leave Betty. While in (a boring) class back at Riverdale, Betty tells him to go to Stonewall Prep. And for once, it seems Jughead will finally be happy this season.

However, this is Riverdale after all. A flash forward shows the entire town searching for a missing Jughead. So, it looks like something goes down during the season and it’ll be interesting to see how it all goes down.

Episode Notes

  • Betty had issues of her own during the episode. Her mom is still somewhere within The Farm, so she and Charles hatched a plan to spring her free. She talks to Kevin, who is still texting Fangs. He finds out The Farm is hiding out and Edgar is loaded up with bombs and weapons.
  • Veronica made it clear who’s side she’s taking moving forward: her own. She held a press conference and admitted she will not be supporting her father or mother in the upcoming trial. She also told Archie that she is changing her last name to Gomez.
  • Reggie’s personal drama came tp light as it was revealed his dad’s been physically abusing him. Reggie gets his revenge by taking a bat to his father’s sports car, which oddly enough, sparked a conversation.

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Riverdale airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on The CW.

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