Top 11 Nadia and Guzmán Moments from ‘Elite’ Season 2


As I said in my review of Élite season 2, the relationship between Nadia and Guzmán is my favorite thing to happen on television in a long time. Mina El Hammani and Miguel Bernardeau have the most INSANE chemistry and the way they’ve brought the Nadia and Guzman relationship to life makes me giddy and fills my heart with such joy whenever I watch an episode or even think about it.

Their storyline together in season two was everything I wanted but didn’t actually expect to happen for another season or two. In a lot of ways, it felt like a well written fan-fiction story coming to life.

As a result, there were so many great moments between these two this season that it was hard to narrow it down. But without further ado, here are my 11 favorite Nadia and Guzmán moments from season 2, in chronological order.

Guzmán staring at Nadia in the club – 2×01

I’ve always said that the way Guzmán looks at Nadia is powerful, and the way that he looks at her in this scene is the epitome of that. Guzmán is taken aback when he sees Nadia strut out of the bathroom with Rebeca because Nadia is rocking a completely different look than he’s used to. But yet, he’s also completely entranced because she’s still the same confident, take-no-prisoners Nadia that he fell in love with in season one. I love how he pops his head around the corner because he simply can’t get enough of her. 

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Nadia and Guzmán talk by the pool – 2×03

Nadia and Guzmán have a lot of ‘epic’ moments throughout their love story, but some of my most favorite moments have been ones where they are opening up to each other and this one is no exception. Guzmán is still dealing with Marina’s death and yet as soon as he heard about what she’s been going through, he tells her that he wishes he would have been there by her side through it all. Also, the shot of them from Valerio’s perspective in the pool shows them with the biggest smiles on their faces. They are truly comfortable around each other and it makes my fangirl heart happy. If anyone doubted that their connection in season one had any real substance, I will gladly point them to this scene.

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Nadia gets through to Guzmán – 2×03

I never doubted that Nadia would be the one to finally get through to Guzmán and pull him out of his drug-filled depression. I love how she used how much he cares for her to her advantage, and that it worked. She goes to snort the cocaine and he instantly snaps, blowing it in Valerio’s face instead. She eventually comes clean to him about why she’s really worried about his drug use:

“The worst is not that you’re doing drugs. It’s why you do it and it’s not to have a good time. You want to fill the void Marina left… But no chemical substance will do it. I’m afraid… that you’ll keep trying until you reunite with her before it’s time. And it’s too soon to know which one of of our Gods is right about heaven.”

At first, I thought it seemed a little too easy and unrealistic. Guzmán’s going to stop drinking and doing drugs just like that? But the first thing he says after that little speech she gives him is “wow”. I think in that moment he realized how deeply she actually cares about him. He finally sees some level of reciprocation from her, and even if they can’t be together quite yet, it’s enough to make him want to stop drinking/doing drugs so that he’s ready when the time is right for them. 

I also really love the way he takes her hand as they walk back into the main room in front of everyone. Like Lu who?

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Nadia and Guzmán’s first kiss – 2×03

THE MOMENT WE’VE ALL BEEN WAITING FOR. I honestly thought it would take us until the end of season 2 for us to get this moment, but we were #blessed with it early on. 

Everything about this moment is perfect, from the way Guzmán pulls away at first – wanting to make sure she really wants this – to their smiles as they makeout to the song playing in the background. However, the music stops and Nadia leaves Guzmán standing there all by his lonesome.

I also really love the cinematography in this scene, from the way it goes back and forth between their POVs until they finally kiss to the way the red filter created by the lights behind them adds to the sexy vibe of what’s happening. It’s visually stunning and makes for a memorable scene, even aside from the kiss.

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Nadia’s sex dream about Guzmán – 2×04

There’s not a ton to say about this except damn this is such a sexy scene. Like it kind of reminds me of something straight out of the 50 Shades of Grey universe. Again, Mina El Hammani and Miguel Bernardeau have some of the best chemistry I’ve ever seen two actors have and it is fully on display in this short scene.

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Nadia makes the first move – 2×04

Thanks to some advice from Rebeca earlier on, Nadia finally decides to not let fate decide her entire life. If she wants something to happen, she has to stop making excuses and make it happen herself. And that’s exactly what she does when she walks up to Guzmán in the club and kisses him. 

Everything about this scene is pure perfection, from Guzmán watching Nadia dancing, to him changing his position to make it seem like he wasn’t just watching her dance, to Nadia gently stroking his face after she kisses him. 

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Nadia and Guzmán have sex… in the pool!!! – 2×04

On the one hand, it’s really weird that Nadia brought Guzmán back to Rebeca’s house – aka his old place – to hook up with him. But on the other hand, I kind of can’t imagine them having sex for the first time anywhere else other than in/by his pool (technically it’s unclear where actually it took place), especially because of the significance of his pool – and pools in general – to their relationship. 

However, what puts this scene over the top is the cinematography. The visuals are absolutely breathtaking. Nobody does underwater scenes like the creative team behind Élite.

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Guzmán confronts Nadia in the hall – 2×05

Nadia goes over to check on Guzmán after the almost fight he got into with Nano. He doesn’t really care about that; he wants to know why she left that morning without saying a word. She says it’s not necessarily the time or place to have that conversation, so he pulls her aside and begs her. She, however, goes right back to the excuses and brings up his relationship with Lu. So Guzmán removes that obstacle: “What if I left Lu? What would you do?” She doesn’t believe that he would actually do that, which makes Guzmán mad that she – and nobody else at Las Encinas – seems to be taking the words coming out of his mouth seriously. Unfortunately, their conversation gets interrupted by Lu. 

I love this scene because you can see just how important their night together was to Guzmán. He was hurt that she chose to leave without saying goodbye – that alone says it all. But I think what’s most clear now that he’s had a taste of what a relationship between them would be like is that he truly wants Nadia – all of Nadia – and only her.

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Guzmán writes Nadia notes in her notebook – 2×05

This scene is really insignificant in the grand scheme of things; all it essentially shows is Guzmán asking her to finish their conversation that got interrupted earlier. But it’s the way he went about it – writing notes for her to find in her notebook later on might be cliché but I find the fact that he knows her so well to know that one note wouldn’t be enough to convince her to be super cute. Also seeing their little smiles after she reads the second note makes me smile.

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Guzmán shows up at Nadia’s family’s store – 2×05

Guzmán finally breaks up with Lu, something we’ve all been wanting him to do for the last season and a half. He shows up to the store with a big smile on his face because he thinks there’s nothing in their way anymore – they can be together at last. But Nadia goes and crushes the dreams of Guznadia fans everywhere when she says it’s impossible for them to be together. “Lu can survive having her heart broken by you, but my family cannot”, she tells him before she goes back into the store and locks the door behind her. They look at each other for a moment through the glass in silence before she walks away all together. *Cue my heart shattering into a 1,000 pieces*

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Nadia confronts Guzmán in the boy’s locker room – 2×07

Nadia finally gets the guts to tell Guzmán how she feels, but when she tries approaches him in the hall to do just that, he tells her to stop messing around with his feelings. All she wants to do is tell him how she’s feeling so she follows him into the boys’ locker room, which is a big deal for her. She slowly starts spilling her feelings and he continues to undress for swim practice. She doesn’t move fast enough, and Guzmán pleads with her (as he pulls down his boxers so that he is stark naked): “If you think leaving Lu and turning up at your store is not being sure, tell me – what have you done to show me that you are?” 

Nadia reacts, standing up on her tippy-toes and passionately kisses him. When they finally break their kiss, Guzmán reacts with a simple “joder” – or “shit” in English. They then proceed to make out all over the locker room and ultimately have sex right there on the bench. 

Nadia thinks she hears something (she does) and starts freaking out. Guzmán is worried because he knows that her being silent is typically followed by her running away, but she reassures him that that isn’t going to happen this time. Guzmán asks the most pressing question: what about Nadia’s family? “Compared to my brother and sister,” she says, “me being with a Christian isn’t that bad.”

On the one hand, I love this scene because Guzmán and Nadia are FINALLY on the same page – they actually want to try and be a couple out in the real world. It also is yet another great example of Mina and Miguel’s red hot chemistry. But I also hate this scene because of everything that unfolds as a result of this scene in the episode and a half after. Is it too much for me to ask for everyone to leave Nadia and Guzmán alone in season 3 and just let them be? Probably, but I’m asking for it anyway.

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Elite Season 2 is currently streaming on Netflix.

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