3 Questions Following ‘Batwoman’ 1×09 “A Mad Tea-Party”

The theme of the Batwoman fall finale was loss. Every character lost something, well, except for Alice. She may be the only one who gained something from all the madness of her “tea party”.

Here are the three biggest questions I have following episode 1×09, titled “A Mad Tea-Party”.

What will Mary do following her mother’s death?

Well, my theory for Alice’s tea party was partly correct. She did make someone choose who lives or dies but it wasn’t who I thought. All this time, viewers thought Alice wanted revenge on Kate, and she did. But Mary and Katherine were actually her targets.

Alice poisoned the champagne that Katherine and Mary had drunk and only had enough antidote to save one of them. Katherine sacrifices herself and tells her daughter to drink the antidote. At the end of the episode, Mary was understandably upset and took her anger out on Kate. So what will she do to avenge her mother’s death? I can totally see Mary teaming up with Batwoman in the second half of the season to get back at Alice.

What made Kate snap?

Another character who dealt with loss this week was Kate. Alice got her revenge on Kate by making her suffer the same fate she did all those years ago: being completely alone. By the end of the hour, Mary no longer wanted anything to do with her, Sophie’s marriage appears to be over, and Jacob was framed for murder and arrested. That’s enough to make anyone snap, but the show did a poor job of properly executing that in my opinion.

So now that Kate has snapped, will she break Batman’s rule of no killing? Her rage completely consumed her in the final scene that it seems highly possible she could kill her twisted sister in the back half of the season.

What was that ending?

“Crisis on Infinite Earths” is just one week away – can you believe it? The Batwoman post-credit scene revealed Nash Wells back underground in Central City. He appears to have been talking to the Monitor (or perhaps the Anti-Monitor) before being asked to “show me the way”. A bright light engulfs Nash and sucks him into the wall.

So what the heck was that? And how will Batwoman play a part in this crossover? We’re just one week from finding out, friends!

Batwoman continues next Sunday at 8/7c on The CW to kick off the Crisis on Infinite Earths crossover.

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