‘Good Trouble’ 2×17 Recap: Relationship drama is turned up

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The relationship drama continued in this week’s episode of Good Trouble as the couples faced some tough decisions, hard truths, and one steamy hookup.

In case you missed it, here’s a recap of what went down!


Callie can never catch a break, can she? This week, she finds herself taking the blame for what happened with Jared, a mentally unstable homeless man who broke into her and Jamie’s apartment. As a result of this, the police remove Jared from his makeshift home and he basically ends up disappearing.

As you can probably imagine, this puts Callie and Jamie at odds. He believes people living in poverty with mental health issues don’t really want to accept help, while she says the government has failed to help them. I’m 100% Team Callie in this argument. With Malika’s help, Callie tracks down Jared and she learns that CC Hastings bought the property around a mental facility. This infuriates Callie and I’m almost sure Jamie knew this going into it and just refused to tell her.

I use to be Team Jamie but these past few episodes have made me see him for what he probably is: a guy who doesn’t care about the “little people” as long as he’s making money. Callie is pretty much being betrayed by Jamie here and I believe that she can do SO much better than him.


The other Adams-Foster sister has some issues of her own to deal with this week. The manifesto was sent via e-mail and since it outright names Mariana, it could seriously damage her career, not only at Speckulate, but in tech industry at large. The manifesto makes everyone at the company, including the Byte Club, questioning whom she is truly loyal to.

Mariana goes straight to Evan to seek his help on tracking down the person who sent it. Later, he calls Mariana into his office and reluctantly tells her it was Raj who sent the manifesto. Now, Raj is a very insecure person but I don’t think he’s the type to possibly set out and destroy Mariana’s career. I’m more inclined to believe Evan himself had something to do with this or Isabella, who proved this week is she nothing but crazy! With that said, I’m still Team Raj here. I feel Evan can be somewhat manipulative at times and might be trying to use the manifesto to manipulate Mariana.


This week saw Alice have a big fangirl moment after meeting Ruby, who she met at Lindsay’s standup gig. Remember, Alice is still fresh off her breakup from Joey, so you can probably guess that Alice and Ruby click instantly. *REBOUND ALERT!* You know Alice falls hard and she was really into Ruby, so she even told Sumi and Lindsay to go out.

The next thing you know, Alice and Ruby end up naked in bed. Did you notice that I said ‘was’ in that part above? Well, that’s because after having sex, Ruby says she doesn’t want to see Alice again; she actually straight up refused. However, she did offer her and Lindsay an opportunity to audition for a diverse comedy mentorship-type program but there’s only one spot left. So yes, that means Alice and Lindsay will be competing against each other. This may end really bad for Alice, who deserves to be happy. There’s a chance she could not only lose the comedy spot but also lose Lindsay to Sumi. Talk about taking two shots to the heart.

Other Thoughts

  • I was totally spot on with Isabella. You could tell something was off about her from the moment she got naked to offer sex to Gael to how she tried to weasel her way into Mariana’s relationship with Raj. This week, her intentions became clear as she gave Raj and Mariana conflicting advice on how to handle their situations. Later, Raj tells her he can’t perform with her at parties. Isabella breaks down and smashes a mirror. Run, Raj, run! Isabella is seriously giving off Fatal Attraction vibes here. She’s seriously cray cray.
  • Apart from helping Callie, Malika didn’t get her “own” storyline this week. However, a moment with Issac in this episode really stuck out to me. Issac couldn’t stay the night and said he needed to be alone. Malika quickly questions him about anxiety and, to me, this felt very out of character for her. It just didn’t make sense for her to jump so quick to that being the reason Issac didn’t want to stay. That was just an odd interaction.
  • Speaking of Malika, we got a very minor development in her storyline this week. Her lawyer got the “no protesting” condition of her plea deal thrown out and the city attorney agreed to reduce her sentence from one month to two weeks. Am I crazy or was she not offered a deal like this already? So why is she suddenly questioning it again? Like I said above, Malika’s actions made zero sense this week.

What did you think of the episode? Let me know in the comments below!

Good Trouble airs its Season 2 finale next Wednesday at 10/9c on Freeform.

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