‘The Flash’ 6×12 Recap: Ralph finally gets his girl

We’re at a point in the broadcast television season when there seem to be a ton of filler episodes leading up to the big season finale. Tuesday night’s episode of The Flash was a filler episode as viewers saw Ralph finally find his girl.

So enough rambling, let’s dive into this recap of 6×12, titled “A Girl Named Sue”.

Ralph finally gets the girl

The main storyline this week focused on Ralph as he finally came face-to-face with Sue Dearbon but may have gotten more than he bargained for. The episode kicks off with Ralph getting a tip on a deposit his missing lady put down on an apartment. As he goes to investigate, the apartment explodes but he’s pulled to safety. By whom, you ask? It’s Sue Dearbon, of course! However, she has other motives for saving the hero.

Sue explains to Ralph how she fell in love with an arms dealer named John Loring but now he wants her dead for “knowing things”. Yeah, I’ll spare you the details. After breaking into Loring’s office and stealing a key, the pair break into a bank. As you can probably guess, this goes against everything Ralph values but he goes along with it. Why? I’m guessing because it’s a pretty girl and he wants to see what her plans are.

After entering the bank, Sue finds the ledger and a big diamond. She ends up knocking out Ralph and admits pretty much everything she told him was a lie. She’s really a thief and tells Ralph to keep her secret and she’ll keep his about being Elongated Man. Ralph eventually saves her from Ultraviolet, so clearly there are no hard feelings here.

In a post-credits bonus scene, Sue puts the diamond under a microscope and it reveals a Black Hole symbol. While I found this storyline so boring, this clearly indicates that Sue is sticking around for a while.

Iris has company

Meanwhile, Iris is still trapped in the mirror but this time she has company. While unsuccessfully trying to get Barry’s attention, she meets Eva McCulloch. Eva reassures Iris neither of them are dead but trapped like Eva’s been ever since the particle accelerator explosion. Eva explains they are stuck in a “fractal dimension” that humans can’t see, a world where everything is backward. Now the mirror thing makes sense!

In typical Iris fashion, she’s just focused on getting out of there. She has an idea to change the mirror’s state with the help of liquid nitrogen but all it does is shatter the mirror into a million pieces. Eva is angry but Iris realizes the shards are going into Eva’s palm, meaning she is a meta with powers.

Meanwhile, on the other side, Barry feels like someone is watching him. Breakthrough! Now we’re getting somewhere.

Episode Notes

  • The episode featured no Star Labs, no Cisco, no Caitlin, and very little Wells. Again, this was a week of filler that won’t really progress the main storyline anywhere.
  • Eva has been trapped in the mirror for six years, right? So what’s she been eating for six years? If there are no people, then where does the food come from?
  • Anyone miss the “My Name is Barry Allen ….” intro? No? Just me? Okay then.

What did you think of the episode? Let me know in the comments below!

The Flash airs Tuesdays at 8/7c on The CW.

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