5 Thoughts on ‘All American’ Season 2 Finale

All American aired its season two finale on Monday night and although there were no big cliffhangers, I was still left with many thoughts about the episode and many questions about what is to come in season three. 

With that being said, here are five of my biggest thoughts that I have after the All American season two finale.

Tina Thorpe/The CW

Spencer and Billy Back at South Crenshaw

Yes, you read that right: season two ends with Spencer James and Billy Baker returning to South Crenshaw — together.

Spencer deciding to go back to South Crenshaw – especially with all of the FOMO he experienced when Darnell and Kia were planning rallies to try to save the school – was suspected. But for some reason, I was genuinely surprised by Billy going back to coach at Billy Baker Field.

My biggest question now is what happens with the Beverly High team. I’m sure they’ll spend the first half of season three having Beverly figure out a new identity under a new coach and pitting South Crenshaw and Beverly as rivals. But at some point, you would figure that Spencer, Jordan, Asher, JJ and Billy all have to be reunited on the football field, right? Especially considering that season three will focus on the characters’ senior year, so there’s not THAT much meaningful high school football left to be played.

This concern aside, I’m excited to see what happens with this storyline, especially seeing how Spencer’s injury comes into play.

Coop’s Safety

I enjoyed the Coop/Tyrone storyline up until a point this season, but then it just felt dragged out and pointless. Once they figured out who killed Tyrone, I thought we finally were going to put all of this behind us and let Coop move on to focus on her music and any other challenges that come her way. 

But now, we randomly have Tyrone’s sister coming back to Crenshaw looking for revenge, despite the killer being in custody. And although she never outright named Coop as the person she’s going after, sitting outside the James household – looking at Coop through her car mirrors – definitely makes it obvious who she’s going after. I’ll, of course, give the All American writers a chance because they’ve done a fabulous job with the show in its first two seasons, but I’m very wary about where this is heading next season.

Tina Thorpe/The CW


This might be the thing I have the least to say about but I couldn’t not address it. Good for Jordan for finally getting his girl. I’ve actually kind of come around on Jordan and Simone as a couple and do like them together. I mean, she made him a highlight reel to help restore his confidence as a football player – not only is that just freakin’ cute, but it shows that she really cares about him. 

However, I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: give me a Jordan Baker storyline in season three that has nothing to do with a girl. 

Olivia’s Sobriety

PROTECT OLIVIA BAKER AT ALL COSTS. I literally screamed “NO! DON’T DO IT OLIVIA!” at the screen when I saw her reach for the alcohol and take a quick sip. Although Olivia has struggled with her sobriety at times throughout the first two seasons, she’s remained sober the entire time. Therefore, it makes sense that they would explore her relapsing at some point and I think it’ll be interesting from a storytelling and character growth perspective. However, that doesn’t mean I like to see Olivia suffer. Again: PROTECT OLIVIA BAKER AT ALL COSTS.

Tina Thorpe/The CW


I had to save the storyline I’m arguably most passionate about for last. I kind of shipped Olivia and Spencer in the beginning of the series, but then Asher fully came into the picture and I’ve been on the Olivia/Asher train ever since. 

I’ve been very vocal on Twitter about the fact that the biggest problem I’ve had with season two was that the writers teased us with Asher and Olivia, gave it to us for real, and then didn’t let them even be happy for a few episodes without having them hit major roadblocks. Season two ended with Olivia and Asher seemingly in a good place as boyfriend and girlfriend again but then also made it glaringly obvious minutes later that Spencer and Olivia have this bond that nobody is seemingly ever going to be able to compete with. 

I just wish they would give Asher and Olivia a real chance, not complicated and interrupted by the Spencer of it all. If Asher and Olivia aren’t endgame, I think I’d be okay with that. If Olivia and Spencer do end up as endgame, I think I’d be okay with that too. But all I’m asking of the writers is that they please just fully explore the Asher/Olivia relationship in season three before they move on to the other half of the triangle, if they choose to do so.

All American returns to The CW this fall for season three.

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