‘The Flash’ 6×17 Recap: Barry Learns The Truth About Mirror Iris

On this week’s episode of The Flash, Barry made a realization that the Iris he has been living with for the past few weeks is not really his wife and it led to a heartbreaking reality.

In case you missed it, here’s a recap of 6×17, titled “Liberation”

Barry finds out the truth

This main plot of the episode involved Barry coming to the realization that Iris is actually Mirror Iris. He spoke with Cecile as her living room became a pile of boxes, hypotheses, theories, and whiteboard equations and timelines. The most hilarious part was Barry saying Iris made good pancakes. I guess that’s the true way to find out if someone is an imposter – their awful cooking suddenly turns into something amazing.

Remember that photo Kamila took of Mirror Iris looking like a…mirror? Well, Barry and Cecile confronted Mirror Iris about it at S.T.A.R. Labs and it was very intervention-like. However, when Barry tried to use some ultra-cool gadget to reveal the truth, not only did it not work, it backfired, making Barry look like the fake. Cecile’s powers sense Barry is being truthful, so she tells him to go fight for Iris and get her back.

Using whatever speed he had left, he fights his non-wife but loses pretty bad. Barry tells Mirror Iris to choose what she (or “it”?) wants to do. Mirror Iris wants to feel “alive” and ends up destroying herself. Yeah, that whole sequence was so odd. Eva steps out of the mirror and tells Barry she can’t stop him and she shouldn’t; she has a whole world to liberate.

Eva’s plan gets more confusing

The other minor plot involved Mirror Singh, Iris, and Kamilla, the “reflections” as they are officially called, continuing Eva’s plan for liberation. They got into ARGUS using Singh’s CCPD pass and went to see Bloodwork aka Ramsey Russo. I had thought they were going to free him but Mirror Iris mentioned they needed his blood.

Mirror Kamilla sacrificed herself to allow Bloodwork to get free but Rosso re-imprisons himself but not before giving Iris a glob of his blood. Eva’s plan is so confusing and with the season being shortened to due to the coronavirus halting production, I wonder if we’ll get a true answer to her plans.

Episode notes

  • The smaller plot of the episode saw Cisco and Ralph help Caitlin after she went into an ice coma for the majority of the episode. Now she will need her mother’s help to solve the problem. I wonder if this a way to get Danielle Panabaker off the show since she was pregnant at the time of filming. Remains to be seen.

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The Flash airs Tuesdays at 8/7c on The CW.

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