‘Batwoman’ 1×19 Recap: Hush Makes His Debut As Lucius Fox’s Journal Is Revealed

Batwoman is coming to the end of its freshman run and Sunday night’s episode may have been its most compelling yet as one iconic villain from the comics made his small screen debut and the contents of Lucius Fox’s journal were finally revealed.

It was a jam-packed episode, so let’s jump right into this recap of 1×19, titled “A Secret Kept From All The Rest”.

Lucius Fox’s journal secrets are revealed

Once again, the biggest plotline of the episode centered around the mystery surrounding Lucious Fox’s journal. The episode began with Kate confronting Reagan about stealing the journal and later Lucius did the same to Julia about her interest in the journal. Meanwhile, over at Arkham, Alice wants the journal to kill Batwoman once and for all, which *spoiler alert* is exactly what’s in the journal – instructions on how to kill Batman (and thus, Batwoman).

Alice wanted to decode the journal and sent Hush aka Tommy Elliot (more on that in a moment) to kidnap Luke and Julia. She wants the journal to be decoded but Luke basically refuses, saying he would rather her kill them both. Meanwhile, Mary finds Lucius’ old glasses and realizes the glasses are the key to decoding the journal. That’s freaking brilliant!

Batwoman heads to Arkham and exchanges the glasses for Luke and Julia’s lives, which Alice agrees to. The episode ends with Alice telling both Hush and Mouse they need to find some Kryptonite. Wait, is Supergirl coming in to the fold now? Because as far I know, Kryptonite has no effect on Batwoman.

Hush makes his debut

The other big moment of the episode came with the iconic Batman comic villain Hush making his debut on the small screen. He creepily kidnapped professors who specialized in decoding messages to force them to translate the coded journal. When they refused or Alice grew impatient, she would fry them like a turkey on Thanksgiving.

It was really cool to see Hush make his debut and he may be one of those villains that gives Kate a tough time as we shift into the second season of the show.

Other Thoughts

  • Jacob warned Batwoman that if he sees her interfering again with The Crows business, he will declare war on her. I wonder how he’ll react when he learns Kate is Batwoman?
  • Julia confessed that she was looking for the journal on behalf of Safiyah Sohail, a woman who wants Batwoman dead. Julia’s betrayal puts her in the crosshairs as well.
  • How did a teenager just get welcomed into the Batcave just like that? Bruce Wayne would never!

What did you think of the episode? Let me know in the comments below!

Batwoman concludes its freshman season next Sunday at 8/7c on The CW.

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