‘The Flash’ 6×18 Recap: Team Flash Gets Help In Fight With Godspeed

The Flash continued this week as the team battled an old foe but would need help from an unlikely source to take them down. Elsewhere, Iris finally finds Kamilla in the mirror verse.

In case you missed it, here’s a recap of episode 6×18, titled “Pay The Piper”.

Godspeed returns with a goal

Team Flash was working on finding a solution to creating a new speed force when they were interrupted by Godspeed, who used vibrational powers to steal more of Barry’s speed. Later, Barry figures out he needs Hartley Rathaway aka Pied Piper’s help, but it may take some convincing to get him on the right side for this one.

Hartley was not in the mood to help Barry after the speedster injured his friend Roderick during a fight but Barry has no memory of this because it is another effect from changing the timeline in Crisis. Oh, how fun. Barry finds out later that Hartley and Roderick are actually a couple, so the anger Hartley has towards him is completely understandable.

Godspeed returns and gets into a chase around the city with Barry, who runs out of speed quickly. However, Pied Piper shows up to combine his and Barry’s powers to officially destroy Godspeed, who started to “bleed” a substance that would help fix Roderick for good. Later, Cisco tells the team the “Godspeed” Barry stopped was just a robot, so the real villain is still out there. Man, Barry’s having one hell of a season, isn’t he?

Episode Notes

  • Elsewhere in the episode, Cisco tells the team he knows where to find a component for the perpetual motion machine. He says he’s going to Atlantis. So is Aquaman going to make an appearance in the Arrowverse?
  • The show bosses are working overtime to hide Danielle Panabaker’s pregnancy and this week saw her character still recovering at home. Ralph visits Frost, who is nervous about visiting Caitlin’s mother. Eventually, she worked up the courage to meet her and get her help.

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The Flash airs Tuesdays at 8/7c on The CW.

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