“Good Trouble” Season 3 Premiere Recap: Decisions, Decisions

After a lengthy delay due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, Good Trouble returned for its third season on Freeform on Wednesday night. I’ve been anticipating the show’s return after THAT shocking Season 2 finale, which saw Mariana hook up with Evan, Callie questioning her future with Jamie, and Davia finally confessing her feelings to Dennis, which included a KISS. I’m not joking when I say I yelled at my TV “I freaking told you!” when I saw that.

So it is safe to say, we’re all wondering how things shaped up after all that since it’s been nearly a year since the last we saw our favorite Coterie residents. I’ll stop rambling and give you all a recap of the biggest moments for each character from the jam-packed Season 3 premiere.


Without a question, Mariana is where we have to start this recap since she, you know, totally had sex with her boss, Evan, in the season two finale. I know a few people were cheering on Twitter when this pair finally did the deed and not fight their feelings anymore but I can’t help feeling bad for my boy Raj in all this. As a fellow nerd, I have a soft spot for the guy. 

To refresh some memories from last season, Raj told Mariana he was working out feelings he was having for Mariana’s new roommate, Isabella (who I totally forgot even existed). Isabella is pretty shady and possibly a little cray cray as evidenced by that mirror break in season two. So basically, Mariana thought Raj cheated with Isabella after Davia told Mariana Isabella left a note on the confession tree, reading “I slept with my roommate’s boyfriend”. 

But HOLD THE PHONE! The truth of the matter is Raj never slept with Isabella and she was likely referring to a past boyfriend. Mariana tells Raj that if they both have feelings for someone else, they need to figure that out before they can be together.

The very next scene, we see Mariana go to Evan and tell him that dating her boss is a really bad idea. However, she’s totally down to do it but no one can find out. And we all know that means eventually someone is going to find out. This is so going to blow up in her face, right?


This woman is dealing with A LOT at the moment and that’s saying something since she pretty much always has too much on her plate. To refresh your memory, Callie was helping Legal Aid in representing a group of tenants who were being forced out of their building by a corporation that Jamie’s law firm represents. Callie found documents in Jamie’s briefcase that revealed the company was going to turn the apartment building into a mental health prison. She spoke up against it and caused the deal to fall through and Jamie to kick Callie out of their apartment, leaving Callie to go back to live with Mariana at the Coterie.

In Wednesday’s premiere, Callie goes to see Jamie. Side note: it looks like this guy has been through some shit. He appears to have been crying and not slept in days. Anyway, he tells Callie that it’s pretty much over between them and on top of that, he pressed charges on that homeless guy Jared “for his own good”.

Callie goes to see Jared, who has bruises all over his body from where the prison guards beat him up. Back at work, Legal Aid is moving and Kathleen Gale is taking over. Callie meets with Kathleen and tells her about Jared’s case, wanting her to take it on. Kathleen agrees as long as Callie leaves Legal Aid to work for her. Oh, and CALLIE PASSED THE BAR! WOOHOO!

Davia and Dennis

I’m lumping these two together for obvious reasons here but I’m so sad! I was rooting for them. The opening sex scene was pretty much their main part of the show because by the end of it, they are no longer together.

I’ll explain: Davia finds out Dennis has gone missing as she was getting ready for their date after Gael expresses concern about Dennis. Davia ends up going to Dennis’ grief support group unable to find him and towards the end of the episode, gets a FaceTime from Dennis. He tells her doesn’t think he deserves to be happy and he can’t be at the Coterie right now. So they break up.


Finally, let’s touch on Malika. She’s dealing with the case being brought against her for breaking Judge Wilson’s restraining order. She tells Isaac it’s going to be fine and it’s no big deal. However, Isaac tells her he thinks the D.A. is going to come after her hard because of her ties to Black Lives Matter.

Issac was right. The judge deems her a flight risk and sets her bail to $250,000 and she is taken into custody. Talk about a punch to the gut.

Episode Notes

  • Isabella disappears in this episode after she realizes everyone thinks she slept with Raj. Before she goes, she has some hot sex with Gael and when he realizes she is gone, Gael looks very disappointed. Something tells me this isn’t the last we’ve seen of Isabella.
  • Issac suggests he and Malika should move in together but little does he know she is getting flirty with her co-intern Dyonte. This girl better not hurt Issac!

What did you think of the episode? Let me know in the comments below!

Good Trouble airs Wednesdays at 10/9c on Freeform.

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