“Good Trouble” 3×03 Recap: Things get artsy in the Coterie

Good Trouble continued on Wednesday night with Gael getting a new job, Callie finding her footing in the lawyer world, and Mariana struggling to keep her relationship with Evan on the DL. 

So let’s dive into this action packed recap, shall we?


One thing anyone knows about Callie Adams Foster is she has a big heart and will do literally anything to help someone in need. While she is still working on Yvonne’s case, she’s completely focused on the Jerod situation this week. Callie sits in on Kathleen’s meeting with the DA on Jerod’s case and learnss another “lesson” from her – there’s always a better deal. As for Jerod’s case, since he assaulted a guard and there’s no evidence that he was defending himself, Kathleen tells Callie it is best for him to take the deal presented: one year with time served. 

This isn’t good enough for Callie, though. She does some digging and discovers one of the guards took Jerod’s medication for himself, possibly to sell. Callie digs more and uncovers that the guard has been fired before for suspicion of stealing inmate medication. 

So long story short, Callie gets Jerod a much better deal and her smile in that courtroom was a PICTURE.


The youngest Adams-Foster had some big drama around her in this week’s episode. For starters, the women in Mariana’s Tech Fight Club are excited about launching a new app but Mariana shoots it down, saying it’s “too big” for them to handle right out of the gate. They instead go for an idea none of them are passionate about. But where did Mariana get this idea? Evan. 

After some hot trampoline sex, Mariana discusses this with Evan and he puts this idea in her head. Something tells me Mariana might lose her friends/co-workers once they found out she’s dating her ex-boss. It’s honestly what she deserves if she continues to be reckless, which I say as a massive Mariana fan. 


Our favorite artist did not have a big storyline but his is one that got me thinking. So let me explain: I think many of us are guilty of comparing our life’s successes and failures to those of our friends. This is exactly what Gael was dealing with this week and can I say it is SO refreshing to see him have a storyline not centered around Callie. 

Gael is on a big group chat with his artist friends and they are all talking about their successful careers. Meanwhile, Gael is feeling pretty down and out about being left behind when Davia has an idea. She suggests Gael come to her school to teach the kids who’ve been sent to her classroom. It goes so well! 

Davia notices Gael is still down about his art and he opens up, telling her that he feels left behind when his friends have these unpaid internships and are doing well post graduation. Since Gael didn’t come from money, he didn’t get those same opportunities. 

Davia then tells Gael something I think we all needed to hear at one point or another: “We all have our own timeline; it doesn’t matter how fast we get there, just that we do,” she says. SO. TRUE. This entire storyline made me tear up. 

The episode ends with Gael getting an internship with a renowned artist with quite a brash personality, which I’m sure we will continue to see play out over the weeks to come.

Episode Notes 

  • I’m so over the Alice-Lindsay storyline that I hardly paid attention to it. Based on this week’s episode, it seems like we’re going to be dealing with it for a while longer. Ugh. 
  • Davia’s Teach for America contract got renewed for another year! Ugh. I wish Dennis was back to celebrate with her. 
  • Evan sent Mariana “DTF” cookies that were supposed to stand for “Down to Fight” for her. I LOL’d so hard because that’s such an Evan thing to do. Evan, dude, look up “DTF” on Urban Dictionary next time first. 

What did you think of the episode? Let me know in the comments below!

Good Trouble continues next Wednesday at 10/9c on Freeform.

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