“Good Trouble” 3×05 Recap: Men, Men, Men

Good Trouble continued Wednesday night on Freeform with one common theme: Men. Heck, the episode was titled “Because Men” and with good reason. The majority of our favorite characters were dealing with issues surrounding men.

I’m going to stop rambling now and just jump straight into this recap.


Let’s kick things off with Mariana, shall we? The episode begins with her waking up after staying over at Evan’s loft. Can I just say that I love Evan’s place and want to have enough money to have that much cool stuff in my own apartment? Okay, nerd freakout over.

Anyway, Mariana got what she felt was bad advice from Evan about her app that she and the other ex-Speckulate girls were planning on pitching later in the day. If you remember from last week’s episode, Evan told Mariana to go small and not pitch their Bulk Beauty app because it was too big of an idea.

Well, this week, Mariana finds out Evan’s first app, Day Trader, was a massive risk. Evan was quoted in an article saying that he and his friends knew nothing about the stock market but would “figure it out” after getting funding. This pisses off Mariana and rightfully so.

An already annoyed Mariana and the girls go to pitch their app when they run into Alex and Sam. Remember them? The two douchebags from Speckulate? Anyway, the guys are pretty rude to the women, which led Mariana to give them a passionate speech and told them to pitch their beauty app.

While they didn’t get funding, this led Mariana to step up some boundaries between her and Evan. No business talk when they’re together. Evan respects that and sets up his own boundaries – his home is the one place he has control over everything so he’d like for everything to remain in the exact same place that she found it.

Gael & Davia

Two of Davia’s students get into trouble on purpose to hang out with Gael. I mean, we get it. We’ve all seen Gael. When he shows up late for class, the girls overhear Gael and Davia talking about “home” and assume they’re dating. One student said there’s no way Gael is hooking up with someone “as fat and basic as Ms. Moss.”

Ouch. That hurt me just watching it. Davia is visibly upset by it and exits the room in tears. The one thing I love about what the producers are doing with Davia’s character is showing body acceptance and positivity is an ongoing struggle and not just a one time issue. The real truth is everyone has good days and bad days but works on themselves every single day.

Back at the Coterie, Gael comforts an upset Davia. She admits to Gael that she is in love with Dennis. However, Dennis had never dated a bigger woman before so when they had sex and he ran off literally the next day, all of her insecurities returned.

That chat with Davia really was what she needed. The next day, she told Dennis how he hurt her, and got her students to apologize for their hurtful words. I’m really loving this Gael-Davia friendship.

Episode Notes

  • She didn’t have a big storyline this week but Callie goes behind Kathleen’s back to track down Jerod’s sister because she feels she deserves to know Jerod has options here. Callie is pleased with herself when the sister backs up those claims. However, Jerod decides to go to trial. This episode made clear that Callie does not trust Kathleen and Kathleen knows this. So she threatens Callie that if she doesn’t start trusting her, there will be hell to pay.
  • Speaking of Callie, Kathleen gets a new deputy DA (DDA) put on Callie’s Yvonne Byers case. Who is that DDA? Jamie! Oh, here we go again.
  • Malika calls in Dyonte to help her with a babysitting problem and he reveals he’s polyamorous; his girlfriend has another boyfriend and he’s cool with it. Malika said she’s not into that and she and Isaac are in a really good place. The next time she sees Dyonte, she gives him the cold shoulder.

What did you make of the episode? Let me know in the comments below!

Good Trouble airs Wednesdays at 10/9c on Freeform.

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