“Riverdale” 5×08 Recap: A Party Makes Everything Better

Riverdale 5x08 Kevin, Toni and Fangs Tell Everyone They're Having A Baby Together

Riverdale continued on Wednesday night with Cheryl throwing a steamy party, which led to some pretty big revelations for the gang. Meanwhile, Jughead’s “Mothman” mystery got even creepier.

In case you missed it, here’s a recap of how thing went down.

Party’s make everything better…right?

The episode kicks off with a big revelation – Kevin and Fangs are engaged and expecting a child. Yay! The problem? It’s Toni’s child. That’s right. Toni, Kevin, and Fangs are going to raise the baby together. If that wasn’t awkward enough, Cheryl is PISSED but Toni explains she has a medical condition that means the earlier in life she has a baby, the better.

Cheryl (kind of) understands and decides to throw the three of them a party. But it’s a key party, meaning it’s rounds of “sexual switcheroo”. Cheryl explains the rules – when you pick someone’s key, you go off together and do whatever you want, consensually of course.

Veronica is ignoring messages from her husband and tells Archie that she feels like she needs a change in her life (wink, wink). Meanwhile, Fangs brings one of his old hookups to the party and it’s the same guy that Kevin used to hook up with… awkward! Veronica pulls Archie’s key but Chad stops her and they leave.

Jughead, who is wasted at this point, picks Tabitha’s key, and she just takes him home. The other pairs were Jackson and Minerva along with Reggie and Fangs (I know!). Betty gets Archie, leaving just Toni and Cheryl as the final two standing.

Toni has it out with Cheryl, calling her a manipulator and cutting all ties with her. Kevin and Fangs end up back at home with Kevin confessing that he’s not ready to get married. Archie and Betty go back to her bedroom but no, things don’t get steamy. Instead, Archie confesses he still has feelings for Veronica and he and Betty should be just friends.

Later, Veronica shows up to the boxing gym/fire station as Archie is soaping up his fire truck (and I mean that literally). She tells him she and Chad are divorcing and they share a kiss.

Episode Notes

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Riverdale airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on The CW.

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