“Superman And Lois” Spring Finale Recap: Captain Luthor Drops Another Bomb

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Superman Tries To Stop Derek Powell - Superman & Lois 1x05

If you enjoy Superman and Lois as much as I do, then you better hope Tuesday’s Spring Finale can hold you over for a month. Yes, you read that correctly, the newest Arrowverse show is taking a break after just five episodes.

The fifth episode of the season had it all, from Clark’s struggles as a father to another bombshell dropped by Captain Luthor.

In case you missed it, let’s jump straight into this recap.

Morgan Edge preps his plan

As revealed in last week’s episode, Morgan Edge’s plan for Smallville is to build an army of X-Kryptonite soldiers for God knows what, but it isn’t good news for Clark/Superman or his family. Anyway, this week we saw Edge testing his latest creation in the form of Sharon Powell’s son Derek, who mysteriously returned home.

Right off the bat, Lois and Chrissy could tell something was not right about this entire situation. Sharon insisted that there was nothing going on, which is the worst thing you can tell any journalist. Lois continues to dig after the community center caught fire when Derek lost control of his heat vision.

Chrissy caught Derek and Leslie in a super villain makeout sesh outside some sketchy Edge-owned facility. She followed them inside and saw Leslie put him inside some weird machine that likely fixed the issue. That’s when Superman shows up and chases Derek through the Smallville sky until they both were shot out of the sky by Captain Luthor.

“He resurrected me, Kal-El!” Derek tells Superman about Morgan Edge. “You’re not alone anymore!”

Derek had no chance to explain before he blew up and died (for real this time). Captain Luthor went to inspect, but Superman had already flown away.

Luthor drops a bomb

Speaking of Captain Luthor, the show could not go on a break without him dropping yet another bombshell. Luthor was wanting to get close to Lois this week, but did not really explain why. He posed as a ex-Luthor employee-turned-Reuters-reporter looking for a scoop.

However, the truth is revealed when he is talking to his computer at the end of the episode. His computer reminded him that the Lois of this world is nothing like the Lois back on his Earth. “Everything about her is the same,” he angrily said. “Everything except that she married someone else!”

Yes, that’s right! On his Earth, Luthor and Lois are MARRIED. My mouth is still wide open from that reveal. Like what?!

Episode Notes

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Superman and Lois returns Tuesday, May 18 at 9/8c on The CW.

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