Band of the Week: Jamestown Story

Genre: American Acoustic Indie Rock

Location: Duluth, MN


Bio: This band consists of former Sing it Loud Drummer Dane Schmidt and keyboardist Brandyn Anderson. Through shear talent and willpower these guys have been able to make it far without a record label. Dane formed the band in 2003, when he wanted to write music with more of an acoustic sound. In 2005 they released the ‘Jamestown Story EP‘ which had songs that received over 13 million plays online. Originally they were an opening band for Sing it Loud, but in 2008 Dane quit the band so he could spend more time focusing on Jamestown Story. Currently they have 9 albums and over 175,000 downloads on iTunes,and their music has been featured on Jersey Shore, The Real World and E! just to name a few. They have toured over 35 states and 2 countries, and have opened for bands like Allstar Weekend, Take Cover and MYNX. Without ever being picked up by a label, this band has had fantastic success.

Why They Are the Band of the Week: We are so proud of these guys and how far they have made it! Being a former resident of Minnesota, I have had the pleasure of seeing these two quite a few times. They set examples for all other bands. they have a dream, and they won’t let anything stop them from obtaining it, especially not having a record label. With all their success and hard work, they owe it to themselves and to their fans for how far they’ve come. Make sure you check them out when you get the chance! Check Back on Wednesday April, 11th to read our interview with them!

Check Them out in Concert:

Sun April 15 Minneapolis, MN The Triple Rock Social Club

Watch Their Video:

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