Movie Review: 'Titanic 3D'

Titanic was originally released in theaters in 1997 when I was nine years old. My mother decided I was too young to see it in theaters, so my first time seeing ‘Titanic’ was when it was already out on VHS.

Since then I have seen ‘Titanic’ over 50 times, no joke! Each time I fall in love with Jack Dawson, and each time I cry when he *SPOILER* dies.

However, seeing it in theaters and 3D was a breathtaking experience. The entire second half of ‘Titanic’ had me on the edge of my seat, even though I already knew the outcome. That is truly great cinematography! After the ship hits the iceberg, and you begin to witness the horror of the impending loss of life, the 3D effects really enhanced the emotional turmoil I felt. When the water started to fill the ship I felt like I was the one going under, and as though I was the one who couldn’t breathe. When the ship is completely vertical in the ocean and passengers are falling to their death I grabbed on to my seat and dug my nails into the arm chair.

Seeing ‘Titanic’ in my living room is one thing, but seeing it on the big screen with these effects made me feel like I was watching a completely different movie. I cried in scenes that had no real effect on me when I used to watch it. I used to only cry because of Jack’s fate, but now I cried for all the 1,500 passengers who met that same ill fate. I felt as if I was not only a witness to this horrid event, but a participant as well.

When I was nine, I was angry at my mom for not letting me see it in theaters, but yesterday I thanked her. I thanked her for this experience that now I appreciated and could handle. I’m so grateful that my nine year old self never witnessed that horror and trauma. Now that I am mature enough to have this eye-opening experience, I really cherished seeing ‘Titanic’ in the theater!

I’ll be going again!

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