'The Finder' Recap: "The Conversation"

Last weeks episode of ‘The Finder‘ was a little less comical and a little more heartbreaking. In this episode titled “The Conversation”, we learn more about Leo and his personal struggles. Now for those of you who do not know who Leo is, he is an ex lawyer and Walters personal body handler. Leo was a big hot-shot lawyer who loved food just as much as the money. Thanks to an e coli spread he lost his wife and daughter. After his family died, Leo, quit the practice and got really fit and became Walters handler. In this episode, Walter is asked to find a little girls missing father, instead Walter is determined to find the conversation that the missing father left on his wife’s voicemail. During this episode Walter meets a very attractive woman named Agent McHottie played by Kelly Carlson (best known for her roles on ‘Nip Tuck’ and ‘The Marine’). McHottie claims to be an agent which we later learn is a lie.

Agent McHottie and Walter

Walter goes on the hunt for the missing conversation, and stumbles upon a the fact that the missing father was once in a gang. Walter thinks the father went back to the gang abandoning his wife and daughter.  This causes Leo to start to think about his family. Leo begins to find comfort in fatty foods, and goes to see his wife and daughters graves. While there, Walter, pops up and starts talking to Leo’s family. Walter tells Leo’s daughter to tell Leo that holding on to the past will do him no good and will stop him from doing good in the future. Walter then leaves the cemetery and Leo has a very emotional moment talking to his family. We learn in this episode that Leo had been keeping an old present that was meant for his daughter on her last birthday, and he never got to give it to her.

Walter finds all kinds of video footage that can help him find the conversation he has been searching for, and in order to find it he enlists the help of Willa. Willa stays up all night, drinks pots of coffee, and her hair seems to double in size each scene.

Leo, Walter, and Willa (with her crazy hair after staying up all night)

Willa finds as much of the conversation as she can, learning that the missing father really was trying to do the right thing, and expose his company for the filth they really were. Walter at this point is done with the search because he found what he was looking for. Willa then tells Walter that Leo promised the little girl that they would find her father.

Walter, not wanting to see Leo hurt, goes on yet another search and finds that Agent McHottie is a fraud. He also finds the evidence to prove that the company is dirty and Leo pays a little visit to the CEO of the company. At this moment I was  holding my breath and hoping that Leo wouldn’t do anything illegal.Thankfully, Leo keeps his cool and in the end saves the day! The company admits its faults, and Walter and Leo reunite the missing father and his family.

Finally, Leo gives the present he has been holding onto all this time to the little girl they just helped. When the little girl asks why, Leo states that he bought the present for a little girl and today is his little girls birthday!!!

This was a touching and emotional episode. It showed more insight into Walter and Leo’s friendship. The performances by Geoff Stults and Michael Clarke Duncan were touching and amazing!!

Be sure to check out the next episode of ‘The Finder’ Friday, April 27th on FOX at 8/7 c pm.


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