Band of the Week: Forget Me In Vegas

Genre: Pop-Rock

Location: Rochester, NY


Bio: Although Forget Me In Vegas has changed their line up quite a few times they finally have reached the perfect combinations of musicians. Forget Me In Vegas consist of Chris Wurzburg – Vocals, Jamie Okrzynski – Guitar, Garrett Chamberlain – Bass and Joe Raymond – drums. Last year they won Warped Tour Battle of the Bands and took the stage in Buffalo, NY. We hope they have a chance to do it again!

Why they are band of the week: Not only is this lively group of musicians attractive and talented, they are also just as supportive of their fans, as their fans are of them. If you follow them on twitter, they’ll follow back, if you tweet them, they’ll tweet back. They are very aware of who their fans are and know that without them, they won’t make it anywhere. We think this is the one thing no band should forget!

Check them out in concert with Never Shout Never:

May 17, 2012 Allentown, PA Crocodile RockAP Winner – Forget Me In Vegas 

Check out their music: 



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