Interview with Sean Silverman of This Century

This Century is an American band from Phenix, Arizona. It consists of members: Joel Kanitz, Ryan Gose, Sean Silverman, and Alex Silverman. In 2011, they released their debut album ‘Sounds of Fire’ and then went on their first headlining tour with Cartel, Hulsey, and Austin Gibbs. In June 2012, This Century is scheduled to play a show in Manila, Philippines together with We Are the In Crowd and Set Your Goals. Check out our interview with Sean Silverman and make sure to follow them on twitter! @thiscentury

Introduce yourself: 

“My name is Sean and I play guitar for This Century.”

What’s the best thing about touring in other countries?

“The food…and the fans!!”

 How do you pass the time on the road?

“I try to absorb as many useless facts as possible via wikipedia and/or other search engine means.”

Out of all the bands that have ever broken up, is there one that you wish was still around so you can have the chance to play with them?

“There’s this band called This Day and Age which would be pretty cool to play some shows with.  They may have gotten back together recently though so maybe there’s hope!”

Most embarrassing moment at a concert?

 “I’ve had the pleasure of falling off of drum risers on several occasions, each time more fun than the last.  I always try and pull a “cool guy” move to make it look like I intended to fall in the first place.”

Do you guys still attend concerts for fun in your free time?

“We try to! Those things have gotten so darn expensive”

 Is there a band who has really become like a big brother to you?

“Well the guys in The Maine have always had our backs since the beginning so I would say them”

What is your favorite song to cover?

 “I really enjoy covering any songs by Hall and Oates”

 Do you guys have any crazy fan stories?

 “There’s been a lot of odd marriage proposals and some weird choices of body parts for signatures”

 If you could go on tour anywhere in the world where who you go?

 “Well the UK has always been a big one for me but I’d have to say that I’m absolutely thrilled that we’re getting the opportunity to play in the Philippines which has been a long standing goal of the band”

 What hobbies or hidden talents do you guys have?

“Joel is amazing with impressions.  So much so that sometimes it’s hard to tell which one is real.”

Is there a band or artist you would love to collaborate with?

“Beyonce, Beyonce, Coldplay”

Never have you ever?

“Really enjoyed a grapefruit.”

If you enjoyed this interview, check out their music:

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