NBC’s New Summer Series: Saving Hope – Why You Should Watch

“It’s incredibly original and touching and funny – really deeply human as well as mystical.” – Daniel Gillies (Dr. Joel Goran of Saving Hope)

 The Scenario

I know what you’re thinking: medical drama has been done – possibly a few too many times – but just hear me out. Saving Hope is not another E.R. or House, M.D. copy. Yes, Saving Hope is a medical drama, with a focus on life (and death) at Hope-Zion Hospital – but what sets it apart is its supernatural twist.

The show’s main premise: The hospital’s Chief of Surgery Dr. Charlie Harris is involved in a car accident that causes him to slip into a coma. Unbeknownst to his friends and co-workers frantically trying to save his life, he is actually walking among them in spirit form, fully aware but unable to influence events or talk to anyone – except the dead (which, as it’s set in a hospital, naturally carries a lot of potential).

As if that’s not captivating enough, Dr. Alex Reid (Dr. Harris’ fiance and co-worker at Hope-Zion Hospital) is left to work with Dr. Joel Goran (the hot newcomer surgeon and ex-boyfriend of Dr. Reid), who finds himself thrown into a position he’s not quite prepared for. The show will follow the doctors and nurses as they try to regain their footing to navigate the medical field sans fearless leader, while that same leader can do naught but watch helplessly – and hope he can somehow recover from his traumatic, coma-inducing accident.

The “ghostly” element in this promising new series takes what is potentially an overdone setting and gives us a different perspective from what we traditionally see in medical dramas. Adding the fast pace of hospital life and refreshingly diverse characters to a more unfamiliar, yet still plausible, territory creates an intriguing scenario – leaving the viewer dying to see the characters’ storylines play out.

 The Cast

What is a supernatural medical drama without an alluring cast? Fortunately, on that front, Saving Hope doesn’t disappoint. The six core members encompass a good mix of known and up-and-coming actors that help set the stage for such a promising new series.

The gorgeous Erica Durance – widely known for her portrayal of Lois Lane on the hit series Smallville – plays Dr. Alex Reid, fiance of the charismatic, disembodied Dr. Harris, who is portrayed by Michael Shanks – famous for his role as Dr. Daniel Jackson on Stargate. Meanwhile, the charming Daniel Gillies (recurring guest-star of The Vampire Diaries and star of Broken Kingdom) plays the eye-catching new surgeon Dr. Joel Goran.

Rising star Julia Taylor-Ross (Silent House and Rookie Blue) as the vivacious resident Maggie Lin, Kristopher Turner (Instant Star and The L.A. Complex) as the highly perceptive Dr. Gavin Murphy, and Huse Madhavji (Combat Hospital and former host of Star! Daily) as the so-smart-he’s-socially-inept neurosurgeon Shahir Hamza round out the Saving Hope cast.

 The Trailer

Of course, nothing I can say can give you a true feel for Saving Hope quite like a visual. Check out the latest trailer from the CTV Upfronts:



Intrigued? Make sure to tune in to NBC on Thursday, June 7th at 9/8pm CST to catch the premiere of Saving Hope. Afterwards, check back with us for a review of the episode and share your thoughts here.

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