Interview with The Baytown Outlaw's Agnes Bruckner

Agnes Bruckner scored her first major role as Meg in Blue Car when she was just fifteen, and she’s been keeping busy ever since! You might recognize her from Blood and Chocolate or even Lifetime’s The Craigslist Killer. Agnes stars as Nicole in the newly released movie The Pact and she recently beginning shooting for Wrong Cops. Fortunately, she took some time out of her busy schedule – and a break from her hardcore gaming – to give us an interview. The good news is that she’s not as serious as some of the character’s she’s played in films. In fact, she’s actually got a pretty good sense of humor. Check out our interview below.

You recently started filming for Wrong Cops. What can you tell us about your character?

“I play Julia in Wrong Cops. Julia is a fitness chick that’s gets picked up in a fitness class by a weird and sleazy cop. It’s a really fun role – and Eric Wareheim and Arden Myrin play the cops. They are hysterical and I think this will be a funny and very interesting film.”

What has been your most challenging role so far?

“I think each role that I’ve played has been challenging in one way or another. It’s always challenging to bring a character to life and try and be as real as possible.”

And which has been your favorite?

“My favorite role by far has been Meg in Blue Car. There’s a piece of her with me still. [It was an] unbelievably great experience filming Blue Car. Truly honest and raw performances out of the entire cast!”

You’ve been involved in a lot of thrillers. Is it difficult to get into the mindset and be “scared” while on set?

“Yes! People always think its easy to run around with fake blood all over you, screaming your head off – but it aint easy! You have to be even more true and convincing to pull it off. It’s very tiring because you are constantly in a state of panic and fear. You really have to stay focused and on your game when you film a horror or thriller. It’s hard to cry and pretend you might die or have to kill someone; you have to really go there and out your all into it.”

I noticed on your Twitter that you’re into some serious gaming, which is awesome. Which is your favorite right now?

“I have been obsessed with playing WoW [World of Warcraft] for 8 years.  I even got Dominic Monaghan into it while we were filming The Millionaire Tour. Now he really got me into Skyrim for X Box. I love WoW though. Its just a fun escape to go off and raid Orc villages and ride on the back of flying lions on my off time.”

The Baytown Outlaws [formerly Baytown Disco] looks like it’s going to be such a great movie. Tell us about your experience with that and your character Mona.

Baytown was one of the funnest shoots in my career – from the moment we had wardrobe and I got to wear a real tire rubber corset, to being on set giving Clayne Crawford a lap dance in one of my main scenes! That was definitely a first for me and it went so well. Mona was such a badass and cool role. She was tough and super sexy. She used her sexiness and seduction to get to men. It was really empowering and fun! The cast was awesome and the director Barry Battles is a genius. Zoe Bell who played our gang leader was such a sweetheart, too! I think its going to be a big awesome kick ass movie!”

Finish the sentence: “Something that people are surprised to learn about me is…”

“I am a HUGE nerd and homebody at heart. I love watching Whale Wars while playing WoW and having a glass of red wine. That, to me, is the perfect combo. I am also fluent in Hungarian.”

What has been your favorite location you’ve filmed at so far?

“Everywhere! I love to travel and find new places and explore. That’s one of the best parts of being an actress is that you get to travel and meet new people all the time. It’s a lot of fun! My favorite place I’ve shot so far has probably been in Hawaii for Hawaii Five-O. It was warm and sunny and you could go swimming in the ocean and have a Mai Tai after work! Amazing.”

Do you have a favorite Marvel superhero?

“I love Typhoid Mary and Mrs Marvel…. I love all of them. I think it would be amazing to play a superhero or Marvel character. You get to pretend like you have powers and fly – who wouldn’t want to play one? I also love doing stunts and playing action roles. I find it thrilling and super exciting! I got to do a lot of harness work when I shot Blood and Chocolate so I think that got me hooked.”

You transition between filming movies and TV pretty well. Is there one that you prefer shooting more?

“I love working on TV shows, but I lean more towards films. You get more time exploring and working on films. TV is very fast and you usually have a bunch of writers and people telling you to do this or do that, [but] on films you have more freedom.”

 Do you have any funny behind-the-scenes stories or experiences you can share with us?

“We played a lot of pranks on each other while we were filming The Baytown Outlaws! One day Travis Fimmel went back to our trailers during lunch and switched all of our things out of our trailers, so when we got back I found other peoples things in my trailer – like Zoe’s bra and Daniel Cudmore’s pants – and they had my purse and script. So we decided we’d get him back – by printing out all these pictures of his modeling days and posted them all over the set. He didn’t like that very much!”

Author: Brittany  (@ItEntertainsMe)

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