Why Watch 'Wilfred' (Season Two)

There’s nothing better to see on TV, in my opinion, than an emotionally wrecked man who sees his neighbor’s dog as a large Australian man in a dog costume. There just isn’t.

Season One of this Calvin and Hobbes as adults type show is centered around an emotionally disturbed man named Ryan Newman (Elijah Wood) who, within the first episode, attempts (and fails) to take his own life multiple times. His neighbor, Jenna (Fiona Gubelmann) knocks on his door and asks him to watch her dog while she is gone for the day. Ryan is immediately taken back at the fact that he (and the audience) sees her dog as a human being in a dog costume. It’s so funny to see all of the moments throughout the show when everyone else treats him as a regular dog and we just laugh at how hilarious it looks happening to a human.

Ryan and Wilfred, the dog.

Wilfred (Jason Gann) is also not your typical “dog” as the audience soon discovers as he soon pressures Ryan into smoking pot and drinking himself silly. Wilfred even states “We’re gonna need a bigger bong” when they stumble upon an entire house filled with marijuana plants. Wilfred is mean and abrasive, but he does everything in a loving, caring manner as each episode centers around Wilfred’s attempt at trying to help Ryan achieve something with his life. My favorite quote from the show is when Ryan is very distraught and Wilfred just looks at him and says, “Its time for you to stop playing ball with them, and start playing ball with me.” Absolutely brilliant.

The first season follows Ryan and Wilfred through many ups and downs and, not to give away too much, a bit of a sad, season finale wherein the show leaves us with the question, “Is Wilfred real or imagined?” A bit of a LOST thinker, but a good ending to a great first season.

Season Two of ‘Wilfred’ centers around Ryan discovering how lost his life is without his trusty sidekick of a dog and is set to premiere next Thursday, June 28th, 10 PM (9PM CT). 

Who is excited about it about the premiere of Season Two?
Ruff Ruff Ruff Ruffity Ruff!! (aka me, you and everyone else we know).

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