Interview with The Real World's Trey Weatherholtz

Trey Weatherholtz is from Baltimore, Maryland. Trey is on the current season of MTV’s ‘Real World’. He was the attractive jock in high school, attended Frostburg State University, and continues to show off his good looks and athleticism every Wednesday at 9m CST. Check out our interview with Trey below, and be sure to follow Trey on twitter here.

What did you do for your audition tap for the Real World?

“I walked around. I showed my house, my yard, and my hot tub. I introduced my little sister and my mom. Then, I got into my car and drove up the street to a bar with my friends where I just showed my guys and I kicking it at the bar. I guess mine was pretty boring since they didn’t show it in the first episode. Ha.”

What is your favorite part about living in the house with all your roommates?

“The house and the island itself were amazing. There were a lot of things to do. We even had paddle boards and kayaks. We had the freedom to do as we please, and we didn’t have to worry about being quiet because we had no neighbors. It was a new place to explore. I really loved the location.”

In the second episode you dressed up in drag as Big Shirley. Was that something you had done back home?

“I didn’t really consider it drag. I guess technically it is though. It isn’t something I regularly do. I think I had done it one time before living on the island, like back in 2006 during my high school senior week when I was drunk. I put on my friend Cassidy’s clothes and took her purse and I was walking around. All my friends thought it was funny. On the island, Marie had extensions, Laura had a tutu, and LaToya had hat. The girls wanted to play dress up and we were all really bored (which believe it or not happens a lot) so we did it! I think it’s funny and doesn’t really do any harm. I’m very comfortable.”

Which of your roommates did you connect the most with?

“Aside from Laura, because she and I had a different kind of connection, Swift and I were the closest. We had a lot of things in common. We had a lot of guy talks. In the beginning I wasn’t that close to Robb, because Robb had his connection to Marie, just like I had one with Laura. Then, obviously, as you guys saw in the first episode or two, Brandon and I weren’t that close, because he had some jealousy issues. So Swift was definitely my boy in the house and kept things real with me. He was always honest with me.”

What’s the story behind Laura and your 11:11 twitter battle?

“Along time ago when I had a twitter pre the Real World, I followed defensive linemen Warren Sapp. He used to always tweet 11:11, I just thought that was so cool, so I kind of adopted it from him and copied him. When I started doing it, Laura started doing it too. It works though, because Laura’s in the midwest and I’m on the east coast, so when she tweets 11:11 it’s technically 12:11 by me. A lot of people have caught on and seem to do it too now. I get a lot of people asking me to tweet them or follow them and it’s really hard to do that for hundreds of people who tweet me every day. I don’t want people to take offense to me not responding to everyone. I do appreciate their tweets and the 11:11 is just something fun I do.”

Is there anything from the past three episodes that they didn’t show on TV, but you wish they had?

“Without getting into specific details, I wish they’d show more of my relationship with LaToya and Swift. There’s only an hour-long slot, and obviously we are recorded 24/7 so it is really hard to cram all that footage into an hour. They show less than 5% of the entire footage they have. I wish they would show Swift and I kicking it a little bit more, or me and LaToya. LaToya and I would run around the house cracking jokes all the time. No offense to editing, but I hope eventually people will get to see some of the other relationships I had in the house besides Laura.”

During the first episode a prank war seemed to begin, so who was the best prankster in the house?

“I’m going to let Marie take credit there. However, over the course of the season you guys are going to see a lot of different kinds of pranks of different magnitudes. In the official trailer you saw a chicken in Marie’s bed, that may or may not be a prank, you guys are going to have to wait and see! There where barracudas in the bathtubs, chickens in beds, etc. The pranks escalated. I hope they show a lot of them. The girls definitely got Swift harder than he ever got them. Some of our pranks were lame or backfired on us. We got caught in the execution of a lot of our pranks. I’d give it to the girls. They were the best pranksters. LaToya and Marie probably hold the crown, but don’t get it twisted Swift and I had some good ones too.”

Have you seen previous seasons of the ‘Real World’?

“I have. Not the more recent ones, but definitely the older ones.”

Do you have any desire to do a ‘Real World’ challenge?

“That’s something I’d be interested in since I’m an athlete and into sports. It’s definitely something I’d keep my eyes open for. I’ve seen a lot of them in the past and they look a lot of fun. I’m always down to challenge myself and have fun.”

Have you met any of the people from previous seasons?

“I have gotten the opportunity to meet a few people from the previous season. Everyone is really friendly and welcoming for the most part. Obviously you’re not going to see eye to eye with every single individual person. There’s a lot of dominant personalities. When you combine all the seasons together, there’s over 200 of us that have been in a house; so that a lot of different personalities, races, sexualities, ethnicities, etc. We have a very big social family. That’s what we like to consider ourselves: a family. For the most part, everyone has been really welcoming and supportive of St. Thomas. We are the rookies, the freshman, the new guys, whatever you want to call us; but for the most part, everyone has welcomed us with open arms and has been there for advice. The people I’ve met are really cool.

What kind of music do you listen to?

“I listen to a little bit of everything. My favorite band growing up was Lincoln Park, but recently their albums have been disappointing to me, and I haven’t been as into them as I was when I was in high school. Right now, I just bought Maroon 5’s new CD, and I really enjoy that.”

What has been the craziest tweet you’ve gotten since being on ‘Real World’?

“I’ve gotten some mean tweets, which is unfortunate, but comes with the territory. The craziest one was when this girl said “if you don’t retweet me I’m going to chop off my dog’s tail”. I got scared for the dog, so I retweeted her, but then she tweeted me back saying “psyche I don’t even have a dog”. I was bummed. I really felt bad for that dog, and thought I was saving his life, but then it turns there was no dog. I get a lot of goofy tweets. I guess a retweet or a reply is like the digital version of a an autograph. People take it really person if you deny them, but it’s so hard to reply to everyone. I do try.”

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